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moving (2)SB 141, banning sex-selection abortions, was passed favorably out of the Senate Public Health & Welfare committee on Thursday. Only Sen. David Haley (D-Kansas City) voted in opposition and wanted his vote recorded.  Testimony came from: Concerned Women for America, Kansas Catholic Conference, physician Patrick Herrick, KFL, and international population expert, Steven Mosher, who also was the special guest at the annual KFL Valentine’s Week banquets in Wichita and Shawnee. Action in the full Senate has not yet been scheduled.

On Wednesday, Kansans for Life testified in support of HB 2182, a measure reforming certain protocols for citizen-petitioned grand juries. The Founding Fathers recognized such juries as an important “Government Watchdog” tool and Kansas is one of only six states which still allow such juries. Kansas Pro-lifers and anti-pornography advocates have repeatedly tried to use this tool– only to see the issues manipulated by certain district attorney offices and die without indictments or prosecution. The reforms proposed include allowing the petitioner to address the jury BEFORE any district attorney gets involved, and to suggest names of appropriate special prosecutors. HB 2182 will be discussed and voted upon Monday or Tuesday in the House Judiciary committee.

SB 142, Civil Rights for the Unborn, will get a hearing in the Senate Judiciary committee Monday, Feb. 18.  The measure is based on language taken from the 2012 version of the Pro-life Protections Act, which passed the Kansas House 88-31.  SB 142 will:

  • ALLOW civil suits on behalf of wrongful death of an unborn child throughout gestation, not just after “viability” (Kansas already allows criminal prosecution for injury or death to the unborn during crimes committed against the mother); and
  • BAN any “wrongful birth” type lawsuits claiming damages for a disabled child that “would have been aborted” but for some action or information of another (these lawsuits in other states have typically claimed insufficient prenatal tests were performed, or that they were  incorrectly performed).

The House Federal State Affairs committee will hear testimony Wednesday, Feb. 20, about HB 2253, this year’s Pro-Life Protections Act. It differs from the 2012 version (that was not allowed action in the Senate) in a few ways: two provisions have been removed and made into stand-alone bills (SB 141 and SB 142) and the language of last years “Life Begins at Conception Act” has been added. The bill:

The exciting proposal discussed here to create an adult stem cell center at the University of Kansas Medical Center now has a bill number, SB 199. The bill hearing in the Senate Public Health and Welfare is set for next Friday, Feb.22.

No House action is yet scheduled on Judicial Selection reform, HCR 5002, or similar companion measures already passed by the Senate, SCR 1601 and SB 8.

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