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Lawmakers gathered at the Statehouse Monday for swearing-in ceremonies were excited about the change in tone this year and told our KFL lobbyists they are revved up to work.

Much of the positivity is set by newly sworn-in Gov. Sam Brownback’s promise to sign pro-life bills, as well as his high aspirations for Kansas.  3 of the top action priorities for his administration’s Protect Kansas Families agenda are pro-life goals:

  • Support and defend the dignity of human life;
  • Increase adoptions;
  • Protect health insurance options.

The first 2 goals have been perennial for Kansans for Life, the third has gained increased importance after the passage of Obamacare.   New Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, announced that the state (more…)

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Today, the KDHE health statistics division released its 2009 preliminary abortion report showing a reduction in total abortions : 9,472– down 11% from 10,642 in 2008.   We believe at least three factors are reflected in these stats:

  • 7 months of a closed clinic (George Tiller’s, after his May 31 murder);
  • 76 no-cost statewide pregnancy centers, with 19 offering free sonogram services and a Wichita perinatal hospice center;
  • new provisions of the 2009 Woman’s Right to Know and See Act, including the mom’s right to an ultrasound viewing before submitting to abortion.

Tiller’s former clinic did a full range of abortions, which can account for the lower abortion numbers in all categories.  His clinic did the vast majority, if not all, of the post 21-week abortions, which, as a category, went from 323 performed in 2008 to 121 in 2009.

Of those 121 abortions, 110 were obtained by out of state women, with 66 of those abortions eliminating viable unborn children, whom even the abortionist himself determined and reported as viable. Once again, not one viable child was aborted to save the mother’s life– which has been the case in Kansas since 1998 when reporting became required.

[Click HERE for Kansans for Life 12-year compilation of Kansas abortion statistics using official KDHE health statistic reports from 1998-2009.]

Last year approximately 32,000 Kansas women contacted their local pregnancy assistance center, that’s nearly 7 times the number of Kansas females who obtained abortions–4,778. (more…)

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Kansas City Ezine reports abortion supporters are now running a national TV ad about the current House-passed health reform because it contains the Stupak-Pitts amendment, barring new ways to spend tax monies on insurance that funds abortion. (The new Senate health reform bill unveiled yesterday has no Stupak-type prohibition.)

Pushing for taxpayer-funded elective abortion is of course immoral, but it’s also a change in long-standing federal policy.  Nevertheless, the ad features a woman complaining that her federal job insurance would not pay for a $5,000 abortion of an unborn child diagnosed with anencephaly, a spinal (more…)

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