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A pro-life candidate guide for November’s elections from the KFL-PAC (the nonpartisan political action committee of Kansans for Life) is now available at www.voteprolife.net.

The federal races include endorsements for Congressman Jerry Moran (R) for U.S. Senate, and 3 GOP Congressional candidates: Sen. Tim Huelskamp (1st district), Rep. Kevin Yoder (3rd district), and Mike Pompeo (4th district).

At the top of the KFL-PAC list for state-wide races is the GOP gubernatorial team of U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and running mate, Kansas Sen. Jeff Colyer.

Also endorsed is Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach (R) and both candidates for State Treasurer: Ron Estes (R) and incumbent Dennis McKinney (D). Neither Insurance (more…)

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GOP primary opponents Moran & Tiahrt

Congressman Jerry Moran’s U.S. Senate campaign is conducting a cover up about his voting record as a Kansas Senator and then unwisely has attacked opponent Todd Tiahrt’s campaign for running an ad that tells the truth.   The ad reveals:

“inexcusably, Congressman Moran objected to parents’ rights, and responsibilities… when he voted against parental notification.  Not once, but twice.”

Kansans for Life Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, released a media statement Monday night on behalf of the KFL -PAC (Political Action Committee) based on documentation that shows Moran did vote against parental consent in 1989, and against parental notification in 1990 and 1991. At the time of these votes, Moran expressed NO pro-life concerns– in fact, Moran officially joined the written explanations of pro-abortion Kansas Senators in 1990!

It seems that the many failed political cover-up lessons have not been learned by Moran’s camp. Kansans want the truth, not newly-concocted defenses that don’t hold water… to wit, that he voted FOR his Catholic constituents by voting AGAINST the parental bills supported by the Kansas Catholic Conference, as well as KFL, Concerned Women for America and others. What we see is that:

  1. as a Senator for the more liberal Hays district, Moran voted with the abortion industry;
  2. then, as a Congressman for the pro-life First District, he voted pro-life;
  3. now that he is running to represent the entire state, which includes several abortion strongholds, will he vote pro-life?

A recent fundraiser for Moran by pro-abortion Republicans, shows they have decided who the weaker pro-life candidate is.  This is problematic, when combined with Moran’s flawed excuse. (see press release for more details)

Kansans for Life has endorsed Congressman Tiahrt for the GOP primary,  read more here.

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The national council of Catholic Bishops and Washington state pharmacists –among other pro-life entities–are pushing back hard to keep the right to refuse involvement in abortions.

And that’s why 105 Congressmen have co-sponsored the “Protect Life Bill,” H.R. 5111— to undo Obamacare health reform that forces all health care entities and providers to treat abortion as basic care for women, including taxpayer funding for it.

First, a pro-life victory. After a 3-year battle in the state of Washington,  state attorneys announced they will accommodate pharmacists’ conscience rights.

Washington state has now conceded it does not have to restrict the religious freedoms of pharmacies and pharmacists in order to “ensure patient access” to abortion.

Under pressure from pro-abortion Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, the state pharmacy board had approved rules in 2007 making pharmacists dispense all drugs, including those that would violate their moral or religious views.  Read more here.

In Kansas, hospitals and physicians do have a specific right to refuse to do abortions.  However, other heath care workers (nurses, physician aides, nursing home attendants, stem cell lab workers,etc.) are without legal “conscience” protection.

Kansas pharmacists do not have clear religious or moral protection, although Kansas statute 65-1637 does allow a pharmacist to refuse ” to fill or refill any prescription if (more…)

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