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The political season is upon us, even though Kansas is awaiting judge-drawn maps to determine voting district boundaries for state senators, reps, school board and U.S. Congressional seats.

There’s no way to predict how equitable the judge-drawn state district maps Kansas will be, but the fight to retain pro-abortion Senatorial power played heavily into this situation.

Certain Republican Kansas Senators (whom the media calls “moderates”) have been trying to escape announced challenges from conservative, pro-life opponents.  They hoped to create contorted boundaries for their districts that would exclude their challengers in the face of the the growing strength of the Kansas pro-life electorate.

In the stories covering redistricting, the media groans that Kansas Republican conservative lawmakers want “moderates” eliminated, but the same media remained undisturbed by years of bare-knuckle politics against pro-life Senators from these moderates.

 Pro-life bills were prevented from getting hearings in the Kansas Senate because GOP moderates loaded all committees relevant to abortion with a pro-abortion majority and a pro-abortion committee chair.

To retain their pro-abortion voting block in the redistricting situation, moderates joined with Democrat Senators (all but one of whom is pro-abortion). In the past, both groups were supported for re-election with abortion-funding, (more…)

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Julie Burkhart

In what she no doubt thought was a clever entry Friday on her TrustWomen abortion advocacy website, Julie Burkhart called for the new Kansas Office of the Repealer to delete abortion ‘informed-consent’ requirements from 1997, as well as four new abortion-regulating laws enacted this July.

Burkhart, the former top aide to late-term abortionist George Tiller, left Kansas soon after the state Healing Arts Board filed to remove Tiller’s license in Dec. 2008. Burkhart is now itching to set up a new Wichita abortion clinic. She may be dreaming about reclaiming the approximately 2,500 non-late-term abortions that were done annually in Tiller’s clinic until his death 2 ½ years ago. At an average abortion cost of $500-$600, the clinic could gross $1.5 million.

For Burkhart to call for repealing every law constraining unethical conduct at her hoped-for abortion clinic is like a notorious slum landlord calling for repeal of home safety inspections and fair housing laws under the claim that such regulations impede providing more affordable housing to the poor.

Although Burkhart began her ‘sore loser’ list of complaints with a tongue-in-cheek premise, she was dead serious about these assertions:

  • abortion helps poor women;
  • abortion is part of ‘maternal’ care;
  • abortion of disabled children is economically beneficial;
  • private abortion clinics should not be held to the same patient protections required of surgery centers and hospitals;
  • new abortion regulations have been enacted against the will of Kansans.

None of those claims are true. Kansas pro-life laws were certainly not whisked into place by whim! The health insurance law operated for decades in the eastern part of the state.  (more…)

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Look how few abortion cheerleaders turned out for a very heavily advertised rally at the Statehouse Wednesday– you can get to 24 attendees without counting the 5 reporters. Of course, the mainstream media took tight photos (here and here) to pretend there was a significantly- sized crowd there to justify coverage.

The “rally” was scheduled to last 2 hours, with music, and was organized by 3 KU young women to be featuring ACLU, N.O.W., MAINstream coalition, Planned Parenthood, “Moms for Choice,” and the misnamed “Trust Women” Political Action group (the re-imaged group begun by George Tiller). That works out to about 4 members each…

KFL did not bother to attend, as we had heard enough spin at the earlier public meeting about state health department licensure regulations, particularly, from N.O.W.’s state coordinator, Kari Ann Rinker, known for her unrestrained rhetoric. (more…)

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Tiffany Campbell

Abortion-supporters Planned Parenthood, Kansas N.O.W. and TrustWomen (a Washington D.C. Political Action Group founded by George Tiller’s long-time lobbyist Julie Burkhart) oppose HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  HB 2218 will ban abortions after 22 weeks gestation because of the excruciating pain felt by the unborn at this age.

Abortion supporters cannot seriously challenge the data so they falsely claim this bill interferes with medical treatment of high risk pregnancies, even with specialists denying it.

Legislators are being warned not to intrude on the “rights” of parents of unborn children with disabilities to abort them past the midterm of pregnancy–a “prenatal euthanasia. One Kansas legislator, Rep. Barbara Bollier (R-Mission Hills), strongly defends this position by distributing  a drawing of a baby without a brain!

We have great compassion for parents of unborn babies diagnosed with lethal problems, but we must affirm the right to life of those children–no matter how sad and short their days on earth.

As similar “unborn Pain” bills are moving forward in other states, abortion-supporting groups are commanding the media to focus on “sad stories” of unhealthy pregnancies. For several years, (more…)

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‘Catholics-for-a free-choice’ founder, Frances Kissling, is waving the white flag in the face of rapidly disappearing public support for the abortion absolutist position.  She points out that it is counter-productive to continue to

  • pretend the fetus is invisible,
  • seek to banish the state from our lives,
  • treat abortion at 26 weeks as no different from one at six weeks.

Yet the very kind of rhetorical time warp this abortion strategist claims is untenable, was advanced by abortion zealots who came to the Capitol to oppose Kansas bills governing abortions in the second half of pregnancy (HB 2035 and HB 2218).

The House Federal & State Affairs committee heard testimony from Kansas N.O.W., TrustWomen PAC and Planned Parenthood that was irrelevant to the content of the bills, dismissive of the unborn child, and argued that it is invalid for government to “intrude” on abortion decisions.

In a weekend Washington Post editorial, Kissling wrote, “We [‘prochoicers’] need to firmly and clearly reject post-viability abortions except in extreme cases. Exceptions include (more…)

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On Thursday, abortion supporters recited stories about the emotional pain of aborting children with fetal anomalies and offered it as opposition to HB 2218, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  UPDATE, Fri. Feb. 19: The House Fed-State committee passed the bill.

The TrustWomen PAC (created by George Tiller’s assistant, Julie Burkhart) “testified” by showing a video extolling his late-term practice–the same video shown by Burkhart to this same committee in 2007.  The committee would have been more enlightened with the following video, in which Tiller says (at the 3 minute point in video) that the unborn infant at 18 weeks feels pain:

Abortion supporters opposing HB 2218 brought no intellectual firepower to counter the medical experts that had testified definitively on Wednesday for the pro-life side.

Instead, bill opponents tried an emotional appeal by bringing Tiffany Campbell from South Dakota to the podium.  She recounted her personal situation in 2006, with a twin-to twin transfusion syndrome pregnancy.  Campbell says she followed the maternal expert recommendation to abort the ailing twin and that her only other option was a life- threatening operation.

Yet she claimed to oppose HB 2218, which clearly allows abortion when the mother’s life is threatened!

Campbell’s situation in 2006 might have qualified as a true exception permitted under HB 2218 (section 3 of the bill).  Such abortions would be permitted if, “in reasonable medical judgment”, (more…)

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