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Tiffany Campbell

Abortion-supporters Planned Parenthood, Kansas N.O.W. and TrustWomen (a Washington D.C. Political Action Group founded by George Tiller’s long-time lobbyist Julie Burkhart) oppose HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  HB 2218 will ban abortions after 22 weeks gestation because of the excruciating pain felt by the unborn at this age.

Abortion supporters cannot seriously challenge the data so they falsely claim this bill interferes with medical treatment of high risk pregnancies, even with specialists denying it.

Legislators are being warned not to intrude on the “rights” of parents of unborn children with disabilities to abort them past the midterm of pregnancy–a “prenatal euthanasia. One Kansas legislator, Rep. Barbara Bollier (R-Mission Hills), strongly defends this position by distributing  a drawing of a baby without a brain!

We have great compassion for parents of unborn babies diagnosed with lethal problems, but we must affirm the right to life of those children–no matter how sad and short their days on earth.

As similar “unborn Pain” bills are moving forward in other states, abortion-supporting groups are commanding the media to focus on “sad stories” of unhealthy pregnancies. For several years, (more…)

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On Thursday, abortion supporters recited stories about the emotional pain of aborting children with fetal anomalies and offered it as opposition to HB 2218, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  UPDATE, Fri. Feb. 19: The House Fed-State committee passed the bill.

The TrustWomen PAC (created by George Tiller’s assistant, Julie Burkhart) “testified” by showing a video extolling his late-term practice–the same video shown by Burkhart to this same committee in 2007.  The committee would have been more enlightened with the following video, in which Tiller says (at the 3 minute point in video) that the unborn infant at 18 weeks feels pain:

Abortion supporters opposing HB 2218 brought no intellectual firepower to counter the medical experts that had testified definitively on Wednesday for the pro-life side.

Instead, bill opponents tried an emotional appeal by bringing Tiffany Campbell from South Dakota to the podium.  She recounted her personal situation in 2006, with a twin-to twin transfusion syndrome pregnancy.  Campbell says she followed the maternal expert recommendation to abort the ailing twin and that her only other option was a life- threatening operation.

Yet she claimed to oppose HB 2218, which clearly allows abortion when the mother’s life is threatened!

Campbell’s situation in 2006 might have qualified as a true exception permitted under HB 2218 (section 3 of the bill).  Such abortions would be permitted if, “in reasonable medical judgment”, (more…)

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