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Don’t skip the most hard-hitting, rapid-fire, fact-filled interview yet done with Abby Johnson, author of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey Across the Life Line.

Touching on every current abortion controversy from national undercover clinic stings to Phill Kline’s revelation about Kansas non-reporting, Abby exposes the inside workings  of abortion giant Planned Parenthood from the perspective of an ex-clinic manager. Interview is HERE, starting at minute 8 and ending at minute 40.

In the face of federal action to strip any tax funding, Planned Parenthood has misstated:

Abby discusses all this and more.  This is vitally important information to share.

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PP has been caught aiding underage sex trafficking

Can Americans doubt any more that Planned Parenthood is a partner in exploiting women for financial gain?

Announced as the first of similar stings in 5 states, Lila Rose’s LiveAction films caught a New Jersey Planned Parenthood offering safe harbor to the sex trafficking of minors (this is the written script and link). Update, Feb.3: New footage of Virginia sting here. Update, Feb.4: 3 additional video stings in Virginia, here.

Due to LiveAction pro-life activism, PP staffers have been caught engaging in everything from misleading women about the scientific facts behind the development of their unborn child to helping underage girls get abortions after they were victims of statutory rape by much older men without informing parents or police, as required by law.

Leading pro-abortion groups have

  • NOT chastised Planned Parenthood for selling out women and girls;
  • NOT demanded PP denounce these illegal practices;
  • NOT insisted on investigations with results available to the public.

Instead, these same folks who stayed silent on the Gosnell House of Horrors clinic last week, are attacking priority federal bills that would ban federal taxpayer funding of abortions.

These abortion propagandists falsely claim that those bans would change national policy (more…)

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The National Right to Life Committee has furnished a new analysis of the Senate health care bill that reveals $7 billion in funding for Community Health Centers buried deep in Section 10503 of the 383-page “manager’s amendment” (from Sen.Majority leader Harry Reid).

NRLC says the money could be funneled to abortion businesses to pay for abortions and will not be subject to provisions like the Hyde Amendment that stops abortion funding (more…)

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