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Komen: racing for the cure and towards the truth?

The national pro-life community is rejoicing at Tuesday’s revelation that Planned Parenthood has lost the hefty financial support of the Susan J. Komen foundation, the  “pink ribbon” organization self-described as leading the war against breast cancer. (see lifenews.com for many stories on this)

Yet Komen had been defeating their stated mission all along by denying the abortion-breast cancer link while funding the nation’s top abortion business. So please understand that,

  1. while Komen has taken a positive step to sever ties with Planned Parenthood, the official statement has NOT been that they have taken their blinders off on the medical evidence about the abortion/breast cancer link, because the abortion risk denial is still part of their website!
  2. Instead, a Komen spokeswoman said Planned Parenthood, which is under Congressional investigation, has become ineligible due to a new Komen policy on denying funds to entities in legal trouble; other sources say Komen has nixed pass-thru grants, the kind Planned Parenthood was accustomed to receiving. (see this article).

Yes, it is great that Planned Parenthood’s undeserved veneer of respectability is crumbling, not only by the desertion of Komen, but through the LiveAction undercover exposes buttressing state and federal actions to defund the abortion giant. But if you thank Komen (news@komen.org), do not forget to tell them to ‘fess up about the “ABC” (abortion-breast cancer) link.

In Kansas, we found (more…)

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I hope I live to see the day when our nation turns against abortion for ravaging our nation’s health with the same commitment it now has against cigarette smoking.

Tobacco companies and government colluded to introduce cigarettes to servicemen by including them in military rations.  From World War I through Vietnam, tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of American boys & men, who may have never picked up a cigarette, suddenly had plenty of them free.

The practice even continued for 11 years after the surgeon general issued his famous warning in 1964.  Then, allegedly reacting to the financial costs of cigarette disease, particularly for smokers on the government health dole, the federal government launched an unprecedented assault on Big Tobacco.  Plaintiffs dying of cigarette diseases filed lawsuits, with some winning huge jury awards.

The parallel collusion between the government and the abortion industry is instructive. The captive population is not just the military, it’s the entire school system and the media-dominated culture, sealed by the U.S. Supreme Court declaration that an immoral procedure is a Constitutional right required by an enlightened society.

The evidence of the collusion is the information missing on the websites of the mainstream cancer industries. The National Cancer Institute egregiously ignores (more…)

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Today’s politically correct tempest centers on whether the Susan G. Komen foundation should have permitted Kentucky Fried Chicken to be involved in their breast cancer fund-raising, with some claiming that the Colonel’s do-goodness is canceled out with his high-cholesterol and obesity-causing fried chicken.

So while liberals fuss that Komen is allowing itself to be used to improve KFC’s public image, they don’t fuss when Komen does it for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion business.

Figures show some Komen affiliates (not Kansas) have given Planned Parenthood $3 million between 2003 and 2008 and $805,000 in the 2008 fiscal year.  The money has been claimed as designated for breast exams, but whether or not it was used for that, the Komen relationship allows PP to

  • create a positive public image as a “trusted health care provider;”
  • gain access to another group of consumers who come for exams;
  • identify itself as pro-woman while hurting women’s health for profit.

Planned Parenthood’s mission is promoting and selling abortion and chemical contraception– the two most avoidable behaviors that raise women’s risk of breast cancer.

Komen’s website does not spell out this “Politically Incorrect” information, although the site (more…)

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Pregnancy info screwed again

In July,  the Kansas Woman’s Right to Know and See Act went into effect, designed to expand access to sonograms and to provide accurate online information about the protective health effects of delivery over abortion.

Under cover of that mandate, however, the Kansas Health Department (KDHE) took a bold and improper step that no doubt led to a Planned Parenthood champagne toast. 

KDHE removed a warning (albeit a weak one) about the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link that had been part of Kansas’ informed consent materials for 12 years.  The ABC link is

Instead of true information about the ABC link, the KDHE (more…)

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