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Maxwell: stunned & horrified at PP deal

Wednesday was the second day of the second set of Kansas judicial administrative ethics hearings for Phill Kline. (Read a thorough recounting of yesterday’s testimony at KansasWatchdog.)

The charges this week arise from the disgruntled jury foreman in a citizen-petitioned Johnson County grand jury impaneled from Dec 2007-March 2008.  The presiding judge did not enforce subpoenas of abortion records and so the jury went home without indictments.

Basically, the foreman– without input from other jurors– had negotiated a secret sweetheart deal for Planned Parenthood that blew up in her face, despite the help of presiding Judge Kevin Moriarity and the two legal advisors (Larry McClain and Rick Merker) he assigned to the jury as a counterpoint to the District Attorney’ s office.

Steve Maxwell, (Johnson County senior prosecutor at the time) commented that

the deal “stunned and horrified” him and his boss, Kline, and would have prevented any further criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood.

The foreman’s key accusation is that Kline’s office misled the jury about the operative law governing the reporting of child sexual abuse.  However, testimony read from the record shows the jury was instructed properly on the law, but the foreman (herself an attorney) remained confused / obstinate / or badly counseled by the outside attorneys. (more…)

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Rucker freed from Court slime

Kansans for Life rejoices that the Kansas attorney-ethics panel has dropped all the slimy Court-instigated charges against Eric Rucker, chief aide to former AG Phill Kline.

Rucker’s attorney, Caleb Stegall, called the ruling, “a vindication of what Mr. Rucker has maintained all along, that he was wholly innocent of the charges that he lied and conducted a dishonest investigation in pursuit of a personal agenda.”

The ethical investigation was punishment by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’s judicial appointees (particularly Justice Carol Beier) against Rucker, Kline and his other AG prosecutor, Steve Maxwell, for the “crime” of attempting to prosecute abortion crimes.

But the final panel report reveals distressing evidence that charges against Rucker were BASED ON FALSEHOODS:

  1. a misstatement of Rucker’s trial response by the judicial administrator, and
  2. an inaccurate quote that the state Supreme Court submitted from a sealed motion.

What is so disturbing is (more…)

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The “Fire Beier” initiative, begun by the KFL Political Action committee, will educate voters about the disinformation and dishonorable actions of Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carole Beier, acting more like the defense attorney for Kansas abortion businesses rather than an impartial judge.

As our press release explains, legal filings Monday for Kline assistant Eric Rucker reveal a hidden investigative report that again exonerated Kline and his assistants Rucker and Steve Maxwell for their conduct when obtaining abortion files.

Justice Beier has been a staff attorney for an extreme abortion rights firm and this may be what fuels her Kline vendetta, ignoring four rulings that clear Kline and his assistants– two of the rulings under the jurisdiction of Beier’s own Court: (more…)

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