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The Trust Women PAC (political action committee) is making robo-calls on behalf of Jean Schodorf, the sole pro-abortion GOP primary candidate in the Wichita-area 4th district congressional district race.

The phone message is voiced by hard-line abortion defender and former Kansas Senator, Pat Ransom, saying former U.S. Senator Nancy Landon-Kassebaum also supports Schodorf.

But this PAC is the self-described “Tiller legacy” PAC, created “to protect the rights of physicians who provide comprehensive reproductive health care, including later termination.”  (translation of later: third trimester destruction, even when the unborn child is viable)

Trust Women PAC is the creation of Julie Burkhart, George Tiller’s former right-hand assistant, to target elections in “red” states using the Kansas ProKanDo list as a financial base.

Burkhart left Tiller’s employment during the time the state medical board had filed a non-public petition to take his medical license.  But before she left, Burkhart attempted to silence a late-term-abortion victim who had filed suit against Tiller. (This purported event (more…)

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Today, it was raw ambition and chutzpah –not Courage– that surfaced during the nearly successful Senate veto override for pro-life bill, HB 2115.

The veto failed by the one vote of Wichita Republican  Jean Schodorf, right after staging a publicity stunt on the Senate floor by announcing she was emailing an invite to  KFL and Planned Parenthood to join her in creating a “compromise” bill.

What hypocrisy—there is no conflict needing re-hashing!  Schodorf ALREADY VOTED FOR the exact provisions of HB 2115 when they were part of the 2008 Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act.  See details (more…)

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