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The National Right to Life Committee has furnished a new analysis of the Senate health care bill that reveals $7 billion in funding for Community Health Centers buried deep in Section 10503 of the 383-page “manager’s amendment” (from Sen.Majority leader Harry Reid).

NRLC says the money could be funneled to abortion businesses to pay for abortions and will not be subject to provisions like the Hyde Amendment that stops abortion funding (more…)

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Not many eyes have seen the new Senate health care bill being rushed through this week, but National Right to Life has and the news is bad, though not unexpected:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has rejected the bipartisan Stupak-Pitts Amendment and has substituted completely unacceptable language that would result in coverage of abortion on demand in two big new federal government programs.

UPDATE: AP reports Thursday, Nov. 20, that the White House is on a collision course with U.S. Bishops; a top Obama administration official praised Reid’s bill as a compromise on abortion coverage while the bishops’ key pro-life official called it the worst they’ve seen on the life issues.

Abortion in health reform clearly runs counter to where the American people are, and have been a long time. To cite just two examples of where the public is on this, a CNN poll released Nov. 18 found that

“Six in 10 Americans favor a ban on the use of federal funds for abortion,” (more…)

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