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The Kansas Senate judiciary committee has passed 2 bills that will hurt the pro-life cause: one (SB 456) restricting  free speech and the other (SB 468) aimed at preventing citizen-petitioned grand juries.  Both bills deserve the axe, so contact your Senator quickly as the bills are on the fast track for Senate action. 

UPDATE: Senators Tim Huelskamp, Dick Kelsey and Mary Pilcher-Cook helped stave off adoption of SB 468 this afternoon and it has been sent to committee, possibly til next week.  SB 456 is still slated for debate tomorrow, Friday, Feb.19.  Keep those contacts coming, Senate offices can be reached at 1-800-432-3924.

SB 456  is a clear attempt to silence KFL in the upcoming elections by eliminating our ability to use auto-dialed phone calls.  (more…)

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