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KFL director Mary Kay Culp & others- not the press- located Sebelius at a Tom Holland fundraiser Wed. in Mission Hills

As governor, Kathleen Sebelius was never challenged by the media about her abortion funding or her dishonesty in EVERY veto message of pro-life bills.

Now, Sebelius continues to lie about Obamacare to select audiences and only U.S. Senators Pat Roberts (R-KS) (see past posts here and here) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) –not the press—are holding her feet to the fire.

NRLC’s Powell Center blog and Politico chronicled Sen. Grassley’s scolding of Sebelius’ bold misstatements to a Florida AARP gathering this month, as caught on the HHS website.

Sebelius’ speech said, “there will be more Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.”  The web version was corrected twice, after Sen. Grassley challenged her with the facts.

Grassley had written Sebelius, “I find it particularly troubling that the section of your speech dedicated to setting the record straight …contains substantial misinformation and omissions. (more…)

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Heads Up America: Death Panel Alert!

Kansas City is home to the Center for Practical Bioethics, but it has national influence on end-of-life issues, e.g. their work with former Sen. John Danforth resulted in the Patient Self-Determination Act which forced every health care provider in America to offer all patients living wills.  The living will/advanced directive the Center produces and pushes here has refusal of artificially provided nutrition and hydration as the default, unless it is crossed out and initialed.  Their group was recently hailed as the reason Kansas City’s end-of-life costs are “significantly” cheaper than other cities around the nation.

Knowing that, and sensing their involvement in the end-of-life issues in national health care reform legislation, we attended a talk by their CEO, Myra Christopher on October 1st at the Kansas City Rotary Club, entitled “End of Life as a Component of Health Care Reform: In or Out”.

We transcribed it from audio and sent it to the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics which is the end-of-life arm of the National Right to Life Committee, our national affiliate. (more…)

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