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abortion safety skewed by CDC missing death & injury data

Kansas abortionist, Herbert Hodes, has retracted his testimony to the Kansas House Federal State Affairs Committee about 5 deaths having occurred to women undergoing abortion in Kansas in the past 5 years.

However, there HAVE been at least 5 deaths at the hands of Kansas Healing Arts Board-licensed abortionists, although 3 of them did not occur on Kansas soil.  Kansans for Life has copies of the

lawsuits filed in all 5 deaths, and the allegations show an infuriating and inexcusable disregard for professional protocols and equipment.

The Kansas House and Senate will imminently vote upon a clinic licensure bill, now numbered ‘H sub SB 36’. This bill would provide state oversight to abortion businesses that have shown that, time after time, they will not police themselves.

In a March 15 letter sent to the committee, Hodes wrote, “I have researched this question and I now feel that in the more that in 30 years that abortion has been legal in Kansas only 2 deaths have occurred.”   Since he gave no names, we can only assume he referred to the publicly-known deaths in Kansas of

  1. Erna Fisher, 18, in Dennis Miller’s Kansas City abortion clinic March 3, 1988, and
  2. Christin Gilbert, 19,  in George Tiller’s Wichita clinic, Jan.13, 2005.

However, 3 other abortion deaths occurred at the hand of Kansas-licensed Robert Crist, a Planned Parenthood abortionist since 1980:

  1. Diane Boyd, 19, at the St. Louis, MO, Planned Parenthood on Oct. 23, 1981;
  2. Latachie  Veal, 17, after a late-term abortion at the Houston, TX, West Loop Clinic on Nov.2, 1991;
  3. Nichole  Williams, 22, from her abortion at St. Louis Planned Parenthood on April 25, 1997.

We can’t know with any certainty the total number of women who have died from abortion by Kansas-licensed practitioners.  We would like to share a little about these women who died, (more…)

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Door posting tells of Aug. 31 Lawrence PP closing

Now that the Planned Parenthood of Lawrence, near the University of Kansas (KU), quietly closed 9 weeks ago, Kansas is down to 3 abortion clinics–all in the northeast corner of the state.

The Lawrence PP street-mall facility was not licensed or inspected by the state.  It provided contraceptives and chemical abortions with no doctor onsite. The notice on the door attributes its closure to a “lack of need” and recommends the county and KU clinics as well as the PP clinic one-half-hour away.

Too many resident KU students went to this facility, instead of getting help from their family and connecting with sound pro-life physicians.   We recommend pregnant women of any age consult the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence, where they can obtain physician-reviewed ultrasounds and assistance for a variety of needs. (see this list for other centers across Kansas)

Kansas’ remaining abortion facilities are: (more…)

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