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Rep. Steve Huebert

The Kansas House Wednesday gave first-round approval for Abortion Clinic Licensure, H Sub SB 36.  The final vote will take place Thursday morning and the bill will then head to the Senate for a vote “to concur”. UPDATE, Mar.31: Final vote passes the bill 97-26.

In 2003 and 2005, then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius chose to favor the abortion lobby, rather than women, by vetoing abortion clinic licensure bills nearly identical to H Sub SB 36.

This House vote shows legislators realize women need protection from abortion profiteers, because abortion clinics have shown, time and again, they won’t police themselves.  Rep. Steve Huebert (R-Valley Center), who carried the bill, referenced the Philadelphia “House of Horrors” Gosnell clinic and the appalling Kansas City, Kansas, Rajanna clinic (now closed).

H Sub SB 36 requires a license to be secured by any hospital, ambulatory surgical center (ASC), or physician office that performs abortions EXCEPT those done to prevent the death of the mother.

If a state-licensed hospital or ASC treats life-threatening ectopic (tubal) pregnancy or performs the very rare abortions required to save the mother’s physical health, it does not need not get an abortion license.

As in the earlier bills Sebelius vetoed, H Sub SB 36 requires that KDHE and appropriate professional regulatory boards be notified of maternal abortion-related deaths (within one business day) and maternal abortion-related injuries (within 10 days).

H Sub SB 36 is essentially the legislation vetoed by Sebelius– which had been drafted using the published standards for clinics belonging to the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood.  H Sub SB 36 adds a few additional protections:

  • KDHE will conduct two annual facility inspections, one scheduled and one unannounced (veterinarians and restaurants overseen by KDHE only get unannounced inspections); (more…)

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Abortionist Kris Neuhaus testified at Tiller's trial that she approved "mental health" post-viability abortions by phone

Kansans for Life congratulates Rep. Steve Huebert (R-Valley Center) on winning first round approval Monday of a ban on abortions done for “mental health” of the mother when the unborn child is viable.  UPDATE: In final action, HB 2166 passed by a veto- proof  vote of 89-33.

The first publicized flouting of the Kansas ban on viable abortions happened just weeks after the law went into effect in 1998.  The case involved a Michigan 12-year-old, then within the year, an Arizona 14-year-old, both taken to Tiller’s Wichita clinic.

State reports showed all gruesome late-term partial-birth abortions were done for the mother’s mental health! State reports annually failed to indicate imminent maternal death or physical medical conditions that would justify the destruction of babies able to live outside their mother at the time of the abortion.

The KFL-initiated 2008 citizen grand jury in Wichita saw redacted abortion files that indicated illegalities, compatible with what psychiatric expert, Dr. Paul McHugh, discovered:  phony ‘mental health reasons’ made repeatedly by the same financially dependent doctor, Kris Neuhaus.

At Tiller’s March 2009 criminal trial, Neuhaus was forced (more…)

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With the House passage of the health care bill last night, and notwithstanding the worthless executive order, the United States is now dedicated to more abortions– and tax funding of them– under President Obama.  Read an outstanding piece on how abortion is killing the Democratic party.

Thousands of prohibited abortions occurred in Kansas under the Sebelius administration, which would not enforce the will of the people as expressed in the  protective informed consent law passed in 1997 and the late-term ban of 1998.

What self-described pro-life Kansas Democrats MUST do is support all of the sensible legislative proposals headed their way today, and for the rest of the session:

  • Support HB 2166 with the Kinzer technical amendment only. This bill, from Rep. Steve Huebert,was held over from last session and will close the mental health loophole for post-viability abortions.
    March 23: Passed House 89-33.
  • Reform KDHE loopholes in late-term abortion reporting and allow civil lawsuits for victims of illegal late-term abortions.  Support the conference committee report for HB 2115, as it was worded March 18.
    UPDATE March 30: Passed Senate 24-15 and House 83-36, headed for Gov. Parkinson’s desk.
  • Remove automatic insurance coverage of elective abortions by private insurers.  Allow the De Graaf amendment to attach to the appropriate insurance bill (like SB 388) without poisoning the bill with other mandates.
    March 24:
    SB 388 (+DeGraaf) passed the House 93-29.
  • Support defunding Planned Parenthood from the state budget.

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Nebraska would become the first state to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy based on medical evidence that babies at that age feel pain.

UPDATE March 30: The bill won 1st round, 38-5.

If Bill 1103 were to pass, it would surely face a court challenge and end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, which the National Right to Life Committee would welcome. Pro-lifers wonder,

“Torture is routinely condemned, even when used against our worst enemies in a time of war.   How can society continue to justify the “right” to torture defenseless babies in the womb with the rhetoric that women need abortion for them to be full and equal members of American society?”

Six states — Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Utah — already require that pregnant women be told an abortion could cause pain, but Nebraska would be the first to restrict abortion due to pain.   Anesthesia specialists were scheduled to present medical confirmation of the unborn’s sensitivity to pain.

The Kansas 2010 House schedule of upcoming bills lists a similar prohibition for late abortions done for the mother’s “mental health.” HB 2166 from Rep. Steve Huebert (R-Valley Center) would permit abortions after viability only to save the life (more…)

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