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stem cell patients (2)If cell therapies are indeed becoming the ‘Third Pillar of medicine’ —the title of a symposium today at the University of California at San Francisco—Kansas has positioned itself to become the global clearinghouse of those treatments. Last Friday the legislature passed Senate Bill 199 creating the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC) at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC).

Gov. Sam Brownback, long a champion of non-embryo-destructive stem cell research during his tenure as U.S. Senator for Kansas, is anticipated to sign the legislation soon, along with the Pro-Life Protections Act, House Bill 2253.

SB 199 does not mandate tax funding, although some seed money in the Kansas annual budget is not entirely off the table yet when the legislature returns in May.  But the Center will actively pursue grants from private and public sources. For example, the numerous disease foundations as well as the U.S. military, dealing with thousands of injured veterans, would have a strong interest in donating to this project.

Dr. David Prentice, Adjunct Professor of Molecular Genetics and an international expert on the stem cell topic, has testified annually over the past decade to Kansas lawmakers about adult (non-embryonic) stem cell (ASC) treatments, including that:
•    1 in 200 Americans will undergo an ASC transplant in their lifetime;
•    over 60,000 ASC transplants occur globally each year;
•    there are over 2,600 ongoing, or completed, FDA-approved ASC trials.

As reported yesterday, the Vatican has said that its international conference this week on ethical stem cell research will aim to correct the public misperceptions of the burgeoning scientific field. The Washington Times quoted conference co-sponsor, Dr. Robin Smith,  “Regenerative medicine is poised to revolutionize disease management by finding new ways to boost the body’s ability to heal itself…

“People are dying, literally, who could be treated or cured.”

Even as the MSCTC was touted during debate on SB 199 as expanding cures and treatments that would end suffering for thousands, some Kansas lawmakers opposed it. Sen. Laura Kelly (D-Topeka) and Rep. Barbara Bollier (R-Mission Hills) led opposition to this center as ‘meddling’ with university independence. They tried to imply that MSCTC was more pro-life politics than good science.

The real reason was sour grapes—most of these legislators have been on the wrong (and losing) side for a long time.  They and/or their mentors:
•    failed to prevent ethical limitations in the 2004 Kansas Bio-Science Authority Act governing state commerce,
•    failed to achieve embryonic stem cell and cloning initiatives from 2005-2007, and
•    failed to keep tax-funded abortion training at KUMC the past two years.

But pro-lifers won’t hold that grudge when those legislators and their families come to the MSCTC for treatments in the near future!

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Rep. Lance Kinzer

Rep. Lance Kinzer

The Kansas House today provisionally passed HB 2253, an updated version of last year’s Pro-Life Protections Act, with a final vote to be taken Wednesday. UPDATE Mar.20: Passed 92-31

The bill–which passed without any of the four hostile amendments offered–

  • removes tax breaks for abortionists and tax funding of abortion & abortion training;
  • codifies informed consent already created and in use by KDHE (state health dept.);
  • unifies abortion statute definitions;
  • adopts ‘Life begins at conception/fertilization’ as basis for legislation; and
  • improves support for medically-challenging pregnancies and disabled children.

Opponents’ game plan today was to introduce a new headline for the liberal press—which ate it right up—that Kansas rejected a rape exception for abortion. Nevermind that the ‘exception’ was actually a bold attempt to overthrow ALL state abortion regulation from the past two decades with one floor amendment. The headline got through, to be sent out on social media.

Neither did abortion supporters brush aside their usual untruths that the Kansas bill is ‘sweeping’ and forces doctors to lie to women that abortion causes breast cancer. No matter how many times the truth is told that the bill contains over 50 pages of required tax statutes, and that abortionists will not be required to utter any KDHE scripted remarks, they will ignore it.

The most vocal opponent, as usual, was long-retired anesthesiologist, Rep. Barbara Bollier with her perennial complaint that the bill was medically inaccurate. “I’m so disappointed in you all who have not gone to medical school, who have not gone to nursing school and think you know better. It’s shameful” said the Republican from Mission Hills, addressing the House.

Bollier has many ‘facts’ wrong, for example,

there is no phrase “abortion-causes breast-cancer” in the state informed consent materials, or in this bill that codifies those materials—no matter how many times she repeats it.

Even though she was made to admit at the podium, near the end of debate, that the first full-term pregnancy is well known to give lifetime risk protection from breast cancer, Bollier stubbornly said that does not prove that abortion has any effect on a pregnancy. She denied the logic of alerting a woman experiencing her first pregnancy of the risk that can result by preventing a full term delivery!

The first of Boiller’s 3 hostile amendments attempted to remove the topic of abortion’s link to breast cancer and pre-term future births from Woman’s Right to Know informed consent materials. Then Bollier tried to delete information describing the pain capability of the unborn child from the same materials. As she did 2 years ago when fighting passage of a law protecting pain-feeling unborn children, Bollier insisted no science backs it up. This time, her defense was more astounding.

First, Bollier—who has not practiced medicine for 14 years, was flat out wrong when she told House members that anesthesia is never given to unborn children directly, but only through their mothers. Then, in an even more insistent and embarrassing display, she argued that unborn children can’t feel pain, or “feel” a stress reaction, they can only “mount” a stress reaction!

HB 2253 bill sponsor, and House Judiciary chairman, Rep Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe), rebutted Bollier:

When it comes to stress reactions I imagine an unborn child does indeed experience stress when being dismembered and having arms and legs torn off. He cited the scientific evidence at doctorsonfetalpain.org.

Retired surgeon, freshman Rep. Shanti Gandhi, (R-Topeka) stood in strong support of the bill: “I come here to confirm one fact that’s indisputable, at least in my case having studied medicine, that is that life does start at conception. If we believe that, I think this bill is too long. All it needs is one paragraph that says life begins at conception.”

Speaking in SUPPORT of the bill were Reps. Kinzer, Gandhi, Steve Brunk (R-Wichita), Peggy Mast (R- Emporia), Allan Rothlisberg (R-Grandview Plaza), and Joe Edwards (R-Haysville).

Speaking in OPPOSITION to the bill were Reps. Bollier, Jim Ward (D-Wichita), Louis Ruiz (D-Kansas City), Anne Kuether (D-Topeka), Annie Tietze (D-Topeka), John Wilson (D-Lawrence), Roderick Houston (D- Wichita), Patricia Sloop (D-Wichita), and Carolyn Bridges (R-Wichita).

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Bill author Pete DeGraaf & Senate sponsor Ty Masterson were congratulated by KFL's Kathy Ostrowski & Jeanne Gawdun

Today, Planned Parenthood of Kansas (PP) is decrying the just-passed pro-life insurance bill, HB 2075, that Missouri enacted in 1983 and that Blue Cross of Kansas City has implemented in Kansas for decades.

HB 2075 includes the contents of a pro-life bill filed by Rep. Pete DeGraaf (R-Mulvane) that removes  abortion from being automatically covered in standard private health plans, other than those obtained to prevent the death of the mother.

Kansas insurers will be allowed to offer abortion coverage only through individually-purchased riders, which the AP reported as costing $2.  READ MORE on the new bill here.

The real reason PP is squawking is that they’ll be losing their cash-cow:  insurance-paid abortion.

Kansas statistics show over 40% of abortions are repeats, i.e. the second, third , fourth or fifth time the same woman has obtained an abortion! Unquestionably, when employers are freed from buying elective abortion coverage for their employees, abortion numbers will be reduced.

In their media release, (more…)

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Rep./Dr. Bollier

Former anesthesiologist, Rep. Barbara Bollier, (R- Mission Hills) has become the leading strident voice opposing every Kansas pro-life bill. The hard left is grateful every time Bollier steps up to the microphone, “as a physician” making absolutist claims- including that fetal pain science is “false research”  and that  “[she] would be embarrassed to be a state that bases its laws on untruths.”

But it is Bollier who is the embarrassment with her rude, condescending tone and tactics: this year she handed her colleagues drawings of a baby lacking a brain stem to urge abortion before such an impaired child drew breath; last year she ruined an abortion-restricting insurance bill by adding a smoking ban to it.

Her medical facts are really indefensible. On the issue of fetal pain-capability (HB 2218), Bollier quotes one outdated text as if it could rebut hundreds of peer-reviewed articles AND the actual practice of neonatologists and surgeons who treat unborn children at 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post fertilization).

The 1987 landmark Harvard research explaining how the unborn are extremely pain-sensitive was based on numerous studies that had not been part of the medical teaching establishment.  1987 is the year Bollier began practicing medicine— during the absence of significant instruction in fetal pain, (more…)

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Rep. Steve Huebert

The Kansas House Wednesday gave first-round approval for Abortion Clinic Licensure, H Sub SB 36.  The final vote will take place Thursday morning and the bill will then head to the Senate for a vote “to concur”. UPDATE, Mar.31: Final vote passes the bill 97-26.

In 2003 and 2005, then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius chose to favor the abortion lobby, rather than women, by vetoing abortion clinic licensure bills nearly identical to H Sub SB 36.

This House vote shows legislators realize women need protection from abortion profiteers, because abortion clinics have shown, time and again, they won’t police themselves.  Rep. Steve Huebert (R-Valley Center), who carried the bill, referenced the Philadelphia “House of Horrors” Gosnell clinic and the appalling Kansas City, Kansas, Rajanna clinic (now closed).

H Sub SB 36 requires a license to be secured by any hospital, ambulatory surgical center (ASC), or physician office that performs abortions EXCEPT those done to prevent the death of the mother.

If a state-licensed hospital or ASC treats life-threatening ectopic (tubal) pregnancy or performs the very rare abortions required to save the mother’s physical health, it does not need not get an abortion license.

As in the earlier bills Sebelius vetoed, H Sub SB 36 requires that KDHE and appropriate professional regulatory boards be notified of maternal abortion-related deaths (within one business day) and maternal abortion-related injuries (within 10 days).

H Sub SB 36 is essentially the legislation vetoed by Sebelius– which had been drafted using the published standards for clinics belonging to the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood.  H Sub SB 36 adds a few additional protections:

  • KDHE will conduct two annual facility inspections, one scheduled and one unannounced (veterinarians and restaurants overseen by KDHE only get unannounced inspections); (more…)

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Tiffany Campbell

Abortion-supporters Planned Parenthood, Kansas N.O.W. and TrustWomen (a Washington D.C. Political Action Group founded by George Tiller’s long-time lobbyist Julie Burkhart) oppose HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  HB 2218 will ban abortions after 22 weeks gestation because of the excruciating pain felt by the unborn at this age.

Abortion supporters cannot seriously challenge the data so they falsely claim this bill interferes with medical treatment of high risk pregnancies, even with specialists denying it.

Legislators are being warned not to intrude on the “rights” of parents of unborn children with disabilities to abort them past the midterm of pregnancy–a “prenatal euthanasia. One Kansas legislator, Rep. Barbara Bollier (R-Mission Hills), strongly defends this position by distributing  a drawing of a baby without a brain!

We have great compassion for parents of unborn babies diagnosed with lethal problems, but we must affirm the right to life of those children–no matter how sad and short their days on earth.

As similar “unborn Pain” bills are moving forward in other states, abortion-supporting groups are commanding the media to focus on “sad stories” of unhealthy pregnancies. For several years, (more…)

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