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Pro-life leader Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook warned of dangerous abortion pills

National news has recently exposed past incidents of death and injury from RU-486 abortion pills.  Yet the template for the Wichita Eagle story about the signing of the new abortion facility licensure law was

  • NOT to point out that one important provision of this bill is a response to these dangers,
  • NOT to contact the bill sponsor, Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook  (R-Shawnee) to comment on the connection,
  • but to recycle the House testimony of Rep. Barb Bollier (R- Mission Hills)– the newest (unofficial) spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Bollier is an anesthesiologist who hasn’t practiced medicine since before abortion pills became legal in 2000. She asserted chemical abortions were nothing to worry about, like ‘God-caused miscarriages.’ (read more here)

Sen. Pilcher-Cook had cited detailed FDA warnings about abortion pills during Senate debate on the licensure bill.

But more notable than Bollier’s opinion, was the House committee testimony of Kansas abortionist, Herbert Hodes, who opposed the licensure bill but testified that he agreed with the “anti-abortion-pill-by-webcam” provision.

Hodes said that the provision requiring abortion pills be administered in the physician’s presence was “perfect” (more…)

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Both bills edit old statutes, replacing the term 'fetus' with Unborn Child.

The Kansas Senate today ushered in a new pro-life era by advancing two significant measures that Gov. Sam Brownback is anxious to sign into law.

The landmark Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, HB 2218, and the  Abortion Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act, HB 2035, each passed 24-15.  Both measures acquired minor amendments on the Senate floor and will require a quick assent  by the House, when it returns to work Monday.

UPDATE Mar. 29: House concurs on HB 2035 by100-22 and HB 2218 by 94-28.

Sen. Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson) did a top notch job leading the defense of HB 2218 in floor debate,  citing

  • the 1987 ground breaking evidence published in  the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine,
  • a ‘litany’ of consistent scientific studies after that, and
  • the 2004 U.S. Dept. of Justice testimony of top researchers.

Bruce added “the smartest man he knew, one of only ten neuro-radiologists in the country” supports the science of the bill that unborn children aged 20 weeks post-conception (22 weeks gestation) can acutely experience pain.

Speaking in support of HB 2218 were Senators Julia Lynn (R-Olathe), Ty Masterson (R-Andover) and Garrett Love (R-Garden City. Sen. Jeff King (R-Independence) (more…)

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