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With the House passage of the health care bill last night, and notwithstanding the worthless executive order, the United States is now dedicated to more abortions– and tax funding of them– under President Obama.  Read an outstanding piece on how abortion is killing the Democratic party.

Thousands of prohibited abortions occurred in Kansas under the Sebelius administration, which would not enforce the will of the people as expressed in the  protective informed consent law passed in 1997 and the late-term ban of 1998.

What self-described pro-life Kansas Democrats MUST do is support all of the sensible legislative proposals headed their way today, and for the rest of the session:

  • Support HB 2166 with the Kinzer technical amendment only. This bill, from Rep. Steve Huebert,was held over from last session and will close the mental health loophole for post-viability abortions.
    March 23: Passed House 89-33.
  • Reform KDHE loopholes in late-term abortion reporting and allow civil lawsuits for victims of illegal late-term abortions.  Support the conference committee report for HB 2115, as it was worded March 18.
    UPDATE March 30: Passed Senate 24-15 and House 83-36, headed for Gov. Parkinson’s desk.
  • Remove automatic insurance coverage of elective abortions by private insurers.  Allow the De Graaf amendment to attach to the appropriate insurance bill (like SB 388) without poisoning the bill with other mandates.
    March 24:
    SB 388 (+DeGraaf) passed the House 93-29.
  • Support defunding Planned Parenthood from the state budget.

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kingToday’s (Tues. Nov. 3)  Washington Post headline above (written before the great election returns came in, which makes it even better) warms the cockles of my heart!

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Planned Parenthood and NARAL, like the King of England watching William Wallace, can’t believe it!

Of course, the fight is far from over, but while the swords clash, something strikes me again that I’ve long known: the millions spent by Obama-Care opponents on regular lobbying groups are misplaced.  It is the poor, but effective, grassroots groups like ours (that are so busy on the front lines that we’ve barely had time to send out our Fall fundraising letters), and our good friends, the Tea Partiers, that are really making a difference!

braveheart6 So, hey, America, OVER HEEEERRREEE!

If you want to defeat Obama/Pelosi/Reid-Care, then invest in  the truth uniquely offered by pro-life efforts that, as the headline suggests, may well end up being the ONLY issue that, since it crosses party lines, can truly defeat this horrible abortion/death laden so-called “health care” bill!

Donate to Kansans for Life HERE–donate to our national affiliate, the National Right to Life Committee HERE, (more…)

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