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Tuesday’s Gallup poll results from May 3–6, show that 50% of citizens label themselves as “pro-life,” as compared with a new low of 41% calling themselves “pro-choice.” (see NRLC analysis here) Other Gallup questions attempt to further characterize abortion positions:

  • 20% of Americans said abortion should be “illegal in all circumstances,”
  • 39% said that it should be “legal only in a few circumstances,”
  • 13% said it should be “legal under most circumstances,” and
  • 25% said it should be “legal under all circumstances.”

However, the polling questions don’t specify which abortions are not supported by the 13% who want to be distinguished from the group of 25% accepting all abortions.

Other than representing a convenient construct on the pollsters’ continuum, we see no evidence of such a sector of opinion supporting “most, but not all” abortions. Certainly, the Kansas mainstream media does not belong to this group, as they never recommend even qualified support for any abortion-restricting provision. 

Supporters of “most, but not all” abortions never show up to testify about abortion-restricting measures at the Statehouse!  We only hear from the all-abortion crowd, and they oppose every abortion restriction.

As an example, after an eight-year federal battle (more…)

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