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The pro-death agenda (rationing and abortion) in Obamacare cannot be justified, but the administration is hoping a grant program authorized in Sections 10211- 10214 might somehow magically erase that fact.

Unfortunately, Democrats for Life argue that providing a limited amount of support for pregnant women redeems Obamacare and those politicians who voted for it.

A surprise announcement Friday from the federal Health & Human services division(HHS) introduced a $25 million taxpayer-funded Pregnancy Assistance Fund to be funneled through universities, high schools, State Attorneys General offices and  “community organizations.”  The latter term –undefined–might easily include renovated ACORN groups or Planned Parenthood!  UPDATE July 12: Non-profit pregnancy centers cry Foul.

It is anticipated that up to 25 grants in the amounts of $500,000 – $2,000,000 per year will be awarded.  Obama-insiders like Planned Parenthood are undoubtedly well-prepared to apply for these grants, but it seems unlikely that our 72 Kansas non-profit pregnancy centers will be able to qualify on such short notice.  By Aug. 2, applicants have to submit a completed 25-page form (more…)

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