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The path to rationing and denial of health care under Obamacare is underway and Kansas’ Sen. Pat Roberts is disgusted at the lies and actions about it by HHS Head Kathleen Sebelius.

Senate Republicans were on the Senate floor Tuesday to try to unravel at least parts of Obamacare.  When it was Roberts’ turn, he

slammed Sebelius for threats and behavior, comparing it to ‘Gangster Government’ and urging her to reconsider use of these tactics.

“I am really stunned by my former Governor’s actions over the past year or so.  First it was the gag order on Humana insurance for daring to describe the consequences of slashing more than $100 billion from Medicare Advantage to their customers.  Now [she] explicitly threatens health insurers who don’t toe the line on Obamacare with exclusion from the state health insurance exchanges which start in 2014. ”

Roberts said that while some of the provisions that “will be beneficial to some Americans” — like allowing children under age 26 to remain on their parent’s insurance — they won’t be cost-free.  “Instead of admitting that their policies are causing health insurers to raise their rates,” Roberts said, “the Obama Administration has unleashed…Sebelius to intimidate and silence its critics…by intimidation.”

He also railed about Secretary Sebelius’ s taxpayer-financed mailer, sent this summer to seniors across the country, falsely proclaiming that Medicare Advantage enrollees would see no changes.  “Already we are seeing insurers like Harvard Pilgrim drop their Medicare Advantage plans altogether as a result of Obamacare’s huge cuts.  So actually, thousands of seniors WILL see changes in their benefits– they won’t have any.”

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Dr. Donald Berwick, an advocate of health care rationing and redistributing wealth through the health-care system, failed to attend a forum gauging his performance so far as the Medicare chief.

Berwick– appointed administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) without a Senate confirmation hearing or vote– will not answer questions from the U.S. Senate, according to Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts and members of the committee with oversight over his nomination.

“We’ve been trying to get him to answer questions in writing. He won’t do that,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “We’ve been trying to get him up for a hearing. He won’t do that.”  The Senators want to examine Berwick’s “role and background” as he implements the largest overhaul of the healthcare system in 45 years.

Current polls show Americans want that overhaul repealed: 56% (CNN) and 61% (Rasmussen).  Kansans for Life has based our Obamacare opposition on the new ways abortion and rationing have become embedded into health care.  Our parent group, National Right to Life Committee, terms Berwick a “one-man death panel.”

Sen. Roberts’ press release included questions he wants Berwick to respond to and noted,

“The American people deserve to hear Dr. Berwick’s plans for radically reforming the American health care system directly from the man himself.”

“They deserve to hear him explain: His long history of support for rationing; How he plans (more…)

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Alaska pro-life GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller & wife are former Kansans

Due to his unapologetic pro-life platform, Kansas native Joe Miller beat Alaska’s incumbent U.S.Senator Lisa Murkowski in a shocking upset that nearly went to a recount.

Miller is “unequivocally pro-life,” including opposing abortions for reasons of rape and incest, except “when the mother’s life is in danger.”

Alaska’s pro-life Ballot Measure 2 (which voters also approved) requires parents to be notified before their teen receives an abortion.

Miller pushed parental abortion notice over his own election! He told voters repeatedly: Flip your ballot over, vote ‘yes on 2.’ Before you vote for me, vote ‘yes on 2.’

During the campaign, Miller criticized Murkowski’s support for Roe v. Wade and destructive embryonic stem-cell research, as well as her opposition to the ‘Mexico City Policy’, which prevents American foreign aid dollars from funding abortion.  He supports repealing ‘Obamacare’.

“I pledge to you that if you send me to Washington D.C., there will be no greater advocate for life (more…)

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Kansas U. S. Senator Pat Roberts is taking on Obamacare— from challenging HHS head Sebelius to correct erroneous consumer health care information to protesting the President’s recess appointment of Medicare &  Medicaid [CMS] chief Donald Berwick.

Yesterday, Sen. Roberts presented a “sense of the Senate” resolution declaring the Berwick appointment “an abuse of power” and calling for Berwick to appear before the Senate Finance Committee to answer questions.

The Senate Finance committee has not scheduled hearings to examine Berwick’s many controversial comments in support of rationing health care, including the philosophy that health care must necessarily redistribute wealth.  In a July 17 speech, Sen. Roberts explained why the installation of Berwick without the Constitutionally-prescribed Senate vetting was so egregious:

  • Berwick will control one third of health care spending in the nation, (more…)

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HHS head Kathleen Sebelius empowered 2,500 times in Obamacare provisions

It is becoming more evident that Obamacare will ration health treatment and Kathleen Sebelius –with breath-taking powers as HHS head in the reform provisions — is misleading the public about rationing and her support for it.

Sebelius would not respond Thursday to media questions about the expressed affinity for health rationing by the new nominee to run Medicare and Medicaid, Donald Berwick. She instead praised him, although Berwick has spoken favorably about Britain’s notoriously rationed government-run health system.

A 2002 article Berwick co-wrote on end-of-life care said, “Most people who have serious pain do not need advanced methods; they just need the morphine and counseling that have been available for centuries. Last June, Berwick said,

“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care–the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open”

And last week, Sebelius was excoriated by Kansas lawmakers for her politicized mailer to seniors asserting a glowing outlook (more…)

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Joni Eareckson Tada

Pro-life Kansans cringe at seeing former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ smiling image, rejoicing at the new legislation signed Tuesday.  They are not alone in fearing her interpretation– as HHS head– of new health mandates.

Someone with similar fears is Joni Eareckson Tada, possibly the most admired and respected Christian female activist today, and a quadriplegic for the past 43 years.  Writing just prior to adoption of Obamacare, Tada warns about impending denied care for

“the infant who is developing inside its mother’s womb, and who at just a few weeks’ gestation already has more mobility than I do… and those whose disabilities keep them bedridden or unable to communicate.”

“If decisions are made by government-created Comparative Effectiveness Research boards, decisions on who gets treatment (and who doesn’t) could mean life or death for many …and could (more…)

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Sr. Keehan with Vice President Joe Biden

UPDATE March 16: Archbishop Naumann contradicts CHA and asks for calls to swing votes.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops issued an emergency alert for parishioners to receive Sunday, urging opposition to the U.S. Senate health bill, Sr. Carol Keehan, head of the national Catholic Hospital Association, brazenly is supporting the bill, the AP reported Saturday.

(Pro-lifers: take action here)

Keehan has been faulted for being too closely allied with the push for universal health care. Keehan attended a March 3 White House briefing at the White House, an event she said clarified her decision.  However, the Bishops  this week enumerated all the ways abortion is embedded in the Senate bill/Obamacare. (more…)

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