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Prof. New

Prof. Michael New, a Witherspoon Institute fellow and expert abortion research evaluator, has rebutted claims this week on the George Soros-funded ‘reproductive health’ website, RHReality Check, that abortion reduction only realistically comes from electing candidates who support increased welfare instead of significant state regulation of abortion.  New writes:

Pro-lifers may disagree about what types of assistance the government should provide to women facing crisis pregnancies, but nearly all pro-lifers agree that pregnancy resource centers have played a valuable role in helping countless women who decided to bring a crisis pregnancy to term.”

I encourage you to read both informative articles. On NRO online, Prof. New says no such body of evidence currently exists showing welfare spending lowers abortion rates. In the August edition of National Right to Life News, New similarly exposed the manipulations of a study by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, which had a major impact on the debate over sanctity of life issues during the 2008 election.


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