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Stem cells from non-embryonic sources — also called ASC for “Adult stem cells”– are saving lives now and offering hope to patients who suffer from injury or more than 70 other diseases.

This past week saw 4 exciting announcements about new ASC successes, and a court decision advancing access to federal funding of such work.  First the lawsuit: a federal appeals court today has upheld the right of two scientists specializing in ASC to sue the Obama administration for funding destructive human embryonic research.

The lawsuit claims that Obama’s 2009 executive order harms their ability to be funded and violates the 1995 Dickey-Wicker budget amendment, renewed annually, that bans the use of federal tax money to harm human embryos.

Though the over-hyped and unethical use of human embryos remains unsuccessful (more…)

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidelines for “embryo protection in research,” adopted by President Obama– are proving to be as tough as Barney Fife and as worthless as the public comments overwhelmingly indicated they’d be.

NIH definitions can be changed by executive order and now are being “fudged” in order to facilitate embryo harvesting and cloning.  According to stem cell expert David Prentice:

“The NIH guidelines are not ethical, they simply provide a recipe for human embryo destruction so that taxpayers’ funds can be used to reward the scientists.”

The guidelines are being massaged to remove an impediment to human embryonic experimenters, including Harvard’s George Daley.   With Gov. Sebelius’ blessing, the  pro-cloning Kansas City Stowers group, wanted to bring embryonic stem cell & cloning research here and thus heavily lobbied — along with KU– to weaken Kansas’ bio-science laws.

Arms of the Stowers Institute  set up front groups in Kansas and Missouri called ‘Coalitions for Life-Saving Cures’ to mislead the public about the need for destructive stem cell research.

This summer, the Kansas group disbanded and awarded their war chest to lawmakers, probably believing the public doesn’t need propaganda when the embryonic funding is flowing in an Obama administration.  Take note of who received donations in this state report: (more…)

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