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The biggest world threat is actually UNDERpopulation.

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, and its darling became Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, which included this call to arms:

“[T]he first task is population control at home… compulsory birth regulation would be necessary… rationed by the government to produce the desired population size.”

The Stanford Prof. Ehrlich’s disrespect for humanity has much in common with Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood matron, who ran a “Negro Project,” spoke at a KKK rally, labeled certain pesky people “human weeds” and “imbeciles” and “morons,” and preached “race improvement.”

Over the past few decades, environmentalist organizations have adopted radically anti-natal stances, often with a dedication and ferocity that rivals Planned Parenthood.

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