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Possibly emboldened by the events in Wisconsin, five members of the Senate Judiciary committee played hooky on Monday to deny a quorum needed to vote out pro-life bills– but citizen uproar forced them back to the table in the evening.

After the Senate recessed for the day, Judiciary Chair Tim Owens (R-Overland Park) reconvened the committee and they voted out to the full Senate, 2 of 3 pro-life measures that received a hearing last Thursday.  The first bill passed was HB 2035, Late- term Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act, which

  • contains twice-vetoed provisions to curb  inauthentic statistical reporting by abortionists;
  • strengthens parental involvement in teen abortions from notice by mail to signed consent;
  • requires parental waiver protocols by courts to provide minors with better assessment,  and sexual abuse reporting.

The second bill, HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, will ban abortion past 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post-fertilization).

The bill had passed 91-30 in the House but narrowly escaped major undoing by Sen. Laura Kelly(D-Topeka), under the tutelage of  Rep. Barb Bollier (R-Mission Hills);  both are fierce abortion supporters.  (more…)

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Kathy Mitchell, part of patent-awarded 'adult' stem cell team

newly-awarded U.S. patent, with fantastic ramifications for cures and treatments of conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, is further evidence of the importance of the recent lawsuit seeking to halt federal grants for embryonic research.

After seven years, Kansas State University’s Research Foundation has obtained proprietary rights for obtaining, culturing and banking “matrix” stem cells from the cushioning material (‘Wharton’s jelly’) inside umbilical cords, both human and animal.

Some of the purposes for these K-State-patented stem cells will be repairing nerve damage, cardiac muscle, and blood vessels.

Grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH) helped the researchers achieve this breakthough in accessing a plentiful source of reparative stem cells that do not involve the destruction of embryos. (more…)

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Late today, pro-lifers sunk A.G. Six’s Robo-Call Privacy Act (SB 456) by a final vote of 13-27 in the Senate.  The bill would have restricted the use of auto-dial calls by non-profit groups, including Kansans for Life.

This is a big win, especially since A.G. Six put out a big press push yesterday (see his website).

Kansans for Life opposed SB 456, warning that the bill exempted arbitrary entities and hampered free speech.  Kansas already has a Do-Not-Call law, which applies to unwanted business calls.

Sen. Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson) carried the opposition to SB 456, and warned that it violated Constitutionally-protected free speech with severe financial penalties.

Sen. Karin Brownlee (R-Olathe) and Sen. Dick Kelsey (R-Goddard) warned about the chilling effect the bill would have on various charities.

Before the vote, Sen. Tim Huelskamp (R-Fowler) secured an amendment to exempt political speech, which is really the target of such bills.

Senators who voted to protect free speech (more…)

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