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pp-bkgd-obamaThe Obama administration is slapping down every state that has acted on the idea that the federal Title X reproductive healthcare program was NOT created to bankroll Planned Parenthood.

A proposed new Health & Human Services(HHS) rule announced last week would nullify state eligibility thresholds (such as Kansas has) that prioritizes Title X grants to full-service medical facilities.

Created in 1970 to help the indigent and uninsured, Title X is federally-dispersed money designed to assist low income-qualifying women for non-abortion reproductive health services, including contraceptives and health screenings. In Kansas, Title X is distributed by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE).

It is good stewardship for the state to allocate financial support to full-service public clinics and hospitals to provide the poor with the full range of well-woman care (not just gynecological services, but nutritional, cardio, mental health, etc.) as well as pediatric and geriatric care for women and men.

Beginning in 2007, Kansas legislators did just that. They annually passed the Huelskamp-Kinzer proviso, directing KDHE to prioritize Title X reproductive health care grants to full-service public clinics and hospitals.

Planned Parenthood cannot meet that criteria. It only offers a narrow range of exams and screenings and cannot provide mammograms, chest X-rays, and other essential medical evaluations.

The Huelskamp-Kinzer proviso was repeatedly vetoed by pro-abortion Kansas governors Sebelius and Parkinson until Gov. Sam Brownback’s first year in office, 2011, when it was approved. Planned Parenthood immediately sued.

A district court judge blocked the Huelskamp-Kinzer proviso and forced KDHE to continue to pay Planned Parenthood and another clinic roughly one million dollars during litigation. At the time of the ruling, Dr. Robert Moser, who was KDHE head in 2011, said

 “Title X was not intended to be an entitlement program for Planned Parenthood. Other providers are already offering a fuller spectrum of health care   for Kansas patients. This highly unusual ruling implies a private organization has a right to taxpayer subsidy. The people of Kansas disagree.” 

However, after Planned Parenthood lost its legal appeal in the Tenth Circuit  Court of Appeals, the Huelskamp-Kinzer proviso went into effect in mid-2014. (It was made a permanent law this spring.) The ruling held:

  1. that Planned Parenthood’s claim of a First Amendment violation lacked merit, and
  2. that Kansas could select mainstream, full-service health care providers as preferred grantees.

If the aim of Title X is truly to help the uninsured and indigent get disease screenings and full reproductive health care, Kansas’ priority of one-stop access at local comprehensive-care medical centers is the right model.

The new HHS proposal eliminates state authority. It should be opposed as an unabashed power play to send our tax-funded Title X money to the nation’s largest abortion business.

HHS is open to public input on the proposal through Oct. 7. Sign the KFL petition  to HHS today.


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Rep. Lance Kinzer, center, details HB 2035 at a press conference with Senate and House colleagues. Photo by Kansasreporter.org

In an extraordinary show of unity, a majority of representatives in the Kansas House have co-signed HB 2035– the Abortion Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act.

The bulk of the bill is composed of late-term abortion regulations that repeatedly passed the legislature only to be vetoed by extreme abortion-supporting governors, Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson.

Ironically, at the same time as the press conference about the bill, news broke of Pennsylvania’s prosecution of a ‘House of Horrors’ late-term abortion business. (more…)

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This week, 14 pro-abortion state senators united to stop legislation– AGAIN– to enforce Kansas law protecting viable babies of 22 – 40 weeks gestation.  After the House successfully overrode the governor’s veto of HB 2115, the Senate failed by a vote of 26-14 (27 votes were needed.)

Ironically, during the same time period, the global online world discovered Italy was serious about its ban on late-term abortions (law 194), after an abortion-surviving infant lived for 2 days. Italian authorities were actively investigating whether the mother was actually suffering a medical risk, necessitating an abortion at 22 weeks.

This is precisely the issue in Kansas, where, since 1998, abortion is allowed on viable babies ONLY to prevent maternal death or “substantial and IRREVERSIBLE” bodily damage.  However, the thousands of late-term abortions done in Kansas under this exception have never been genuinely documented… and our Governor, and those 14 Senators upholding his veto, don’t care.

Lifesite news reported that the Italian abortion incident was discovered by a priest, who had come to pray for the infant’s soul.  However, the priest was shocked to find that the child was moving and breathing, (more…)

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With a vote of 86 for, 35 against and 4 not voting, the House veto override of HB 2115 was successful.  17 of the 49 House Democrats and 69 of the 76 Republicans voted for override.   Read the total vote tally here.

The override now heads to the Senate, where it will likely end up depending on the courage–or fear–of a single Senator.  The override needs 27 votes and 13 of the 40 Senators (8 of the 9 Democrats) are solid abortion-supporters.  We need not only the dependable 22 pro-lifers , but also every one of the 5 “part-time” pro-life Senators to vote for override.

This is the 5th YEAR in a row that a Kansas governor (Sebelius, and now Parkinson) has vetoed a pro-life measure –banking on the Senate opposition to falter.

Since 2006, Kansas lawmakers have passed proposals to stop the  KDHE from accepting abortion reports without the legally required maternal medical documentation. (more…)

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Many saw the Bart Stupak betrayal as undoing decades of work developing a viable pro-life wing of the Democrat party. After all, Stupak had been co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life caucus.

Kansans will watch to see how many heroic pro-life Democrat state reps there are today, during the expected vote on HB 2115— a bill to put teeth into the law requiring actual medical reasons be reported for aborting viable unborn children.

Last month, a stunning 19 of 48 Democrat Reps voted for HB 2115!

However, (Dem) Gov. Parkinson vetoed HB 2115 with a lame excuse–following the bad example of  ex-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who vetoed 4 measures  (one each year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) dealing with this issue.

As we count it, the Senate and House are both one vote away from achieving override.  Democrats will play a key role–if they will defy the lame-duck governor.

Only one of 9 Democrat Senators--Janis Lee– voted for HB 2115, and will likely get (more…)

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The fifth annual attempt to put teeth into Kansas’ 1998 late-term abortion law was vetoed Thursday by Sebelius’ figurehead, Gov. Mark Parkinson.  See comments here by KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp.

Like any Kansas law, the late-term abortion ban relies on the integrity of both the Governor and the Attorney General to insure compliance.  But within weeks of the law taking effect in 1998, it was ignored, as the national media telegraphed how Michigan parents obtained a 28-week-gestation abortion in Wichita for their pre-teen daughter.  The governor and Attorney General passed the buck then, and it has been downhill ever since.

The Kansas health department (KDHE) statistics division wrongly accepts reports with non-answers where medical reasons were to have been reported by abortionists who had performed post-viability abortions.  At the conclusion of KDHE’s testimony to the 2007 joint Federal State Affairs committee investigating the late-term abortion crisis, Chairman (Rep.) Arlen Siegfreid (R- Olathe) summarized their defiance with this:

“The Department is telling us that if we expect any more than what they have got on these forms, we are going to have to change the law to get it, seeing as they would not even commit to an Attorney General’s ruling compelling them to do this.”

Yet Gov. Parkinson had the nerve to say in his veto message that the law need not be changed! Are the following facts examples of how the Sebelius/Parkinson administration enforces this law? (more…)

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For the fifth year in a row, the governor’s desk will be hit with a mandate for KDHE (the health department) to obey the abortion reporting law.   HB 2115 passed in the Senate 24-15 and in the House by a vote of 83-36.

Given the fact that similar measures to fix KDHE reporting were vetoed by Gov. Sebelius, every year from 2006 through 2009, HB 2115 may also be vetoed by Gov. Parkinson.

Pro-choice senators who registered their annual complaint about “misuse of legislative process,” couldn’t care less about the nearly 3000 babies wrongfully and criminally terminated through the “misuse of the abortion reporting process.”

In 1998, Kansas passed a law protecting viable unborn children from being aborted in the second half of pregnancy.  The only legal exceptions are for pregnancies that endanger the mother’s life  and those that 2 physicians agree would damage the mother substantially and irreversibly.

  • Any abortion done as an exception to the law was to have been recorded with a maternal medical reason to KDHE.
  • For over 12 years, KDHE processed 2,945 viable abortions (see chart), without any semblance of a medical reason.
  • At an average cost of $5000 each–  these fraudulently documented abortions yielded $15 million!

During special House & Senate joint hearings (more…)

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Relief workers assist a pregnant Haitian

UPDATE, Feb 12: Shipments of medical aid to Haiti delayed by massive condom overload

Planned Parenthood has used the 9-11 attack, Hurricane Katrina, and now the earthquake that devastated Haiti, to raise funds for its  contraception and abortion services.

According to C-Fam research institute, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) used the Haiti crisis to solicit funds for its family planning services there.

In contrast, at the same time, a pro-life medical team arrived in Port au Prince to provide emergency medical services and skilled birth attendants to aid the many women who have had to give birth in the streets.

A similarly twisted priority was exhibited this summer in Kansas.  Gov. Mark Parkinson– in the name of the state budget crisis– deleted annual maternal assistance to poor pregnant women while restoring the same amount ($325,000) to Planned Parenthood. (more…)

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Many are anticipating what can be accomplished in Kansas under a pro-life governor in 2011, and I hope restructuring the State Healing Arts Board is on the list.

We’ve endured seven years of pro-abortion Governor Kathleen Sebelius, not only her abortionist-protecting legislative vetoes, but also her appointees on this Board, who allowed decrepit and woman-injuring abortion clinics to stay in business.

Larry Buening

Sebelius’ abortion industry aid also extended to retaining the Board’s corrupt executive director, Larry Buening, the spouse of her long-time personal staffer.

Thousands of post-viability abortions were performed in Wichita –almost all of them on non-Kansans– because Buening protected the medical licenses of Kristin Neuhaus, who made the abortion “referrals,” and of LeRoy Carhart, Susan Robinson, Shelly Sella, and the late George Tiller, who performed the abortions.

Sebelius found a cushy SRS attorney job for Buening to keep his state pension, after the legislature threw him out in 2008. [It was not on account of his abortion ties, but because of a backlog of patient deaths and abuse complaints that lawmakers gave the axe to Buening and his top legal counsel, Mark Stafford.]

Buening’s replacement, Jack Confer, had cleaned up Arizona’s medical board mess, but after a rocky 16-month attempt at rehabilitating the Kansas Board, quit in mid-October. The Board is seeking (more…)

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Bp. Tutu: " If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Whether we face economic downturns or not, abortion (including embryonic destruction) is the civil rights issue of our time, and must not be shoved aside.  Bishop Desmond Tutu says, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

AP quotes Peter Brownlie, head of the Planned Parenthood of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, that annual legislative disputes about abortion are, “a waste of taxpayer money and legislative time… [serving] to help anti-abortion groups raise money.” (more…)

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