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Joni Eareckson Tada

Pro-life Kansans cringe at seeing former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ smiling image, rejoicing at the new legislation signed Tuesday.  They are not alone in fearing her interpretation– as HHS head– of new health mandates.

Someone with similar fears is Joni Eareckson Tada, possibly the most admired and respected Christian female activist today, and a quadriplegic for the past 43 years.  Writing just prior to adoption of Obamacare, Tada warns about impending denied care for

“the infant who is developing inside its mother’s womb, and who at just a few weeks’ gestation already has more mobility than I do… and those whose disabilities keep them bedridden or unable to communicate.”

“If decisions are made by government-created Comparative Effectiveness Research boards, decisions on who gets treatment (and who doesn’t) could mean life or death for many …and could (more…)

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From Kansans for Life advisory board member, Cathy McDonnell:
If you are interested in signing the Manhattan Declaration, you can go to The Manhattan Declaration.  The Manhattan Declaration is a statement from a group of Catholic and Protestant leaders, as well as lay people, publicly supporting the dignity of life, the family and freedom of conscience.

You can read about the declaration at the site.  The gist is that Christians will not participate in ethical issues which go against their faith and –if need be– will practice civil disobedience. (more…)

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