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The political chess game continues!

The absence of 2 pro-life Kansas State Representatives today at the statehouse delayed the effort to successfully override Gov. Mark Parkinson’s veto of late-term abortion reporting reform (HB 2115).

A vote of 82-40, with 3 absent, would have ended the override effort.   Pro-life leader Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) voted against the override ONLY as a procedural move so that another vote could be taken. The House adjourned until Monday at 11 a.m.

Pro-lifers look forward to a “full  House” on Monday when the motion to re-vote on the override will be immediately undertaken. We expect to achieve the 2/3 majority of 84 votes needed for override, barring any more absences.

After that, the measure heads to the Senate, where again, the vote will be  a nail-biter.

Rep. Rocky Fund (R-Hoyt) who is undergoing chemotherapy, struggled to come today solely for this override vote.  (more…)

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With the House passage of the health care bill last night, and notwithstanding the worthless executive order, the United States is now dedicated to more abortions– and tax funding of them– under President Obama.  Read an outstanding piece on how abortion is killing the Democratic party.

Thousands of prohibited abortions occurred in Kansas under the Sebelius administration, which would not enforce the will of the people as expressed in the  protective informed consent law passed in 1997 and the late-term ban of 1998.

What self-described pro-life Kansas Democrats MUST do is support all of the sensible legislative proposals headed their way today, and for the rest of the session:

  • Support HB 2166 with the Kinzer technical amendment only. This bill, from Rep. Steve Huebert,was held over from last session and will close the mental health loophole for post-viability abortions.
    March 23: Passed House 89-33.
  • Reform KDHE loopholes in late-term abortion reporting and allow civil lawsuits for victims of illegal late-term abortions.  Support the conference committee report for HB 2115, as it was worded March 18.
    UPDATE March 30: Passed Senate 24-15 and House 83-36, headed for Gov. Parkinson’s desk.
  • Remove automatic insurance coverage of elective abortions by private insurers.  Allow the De Graaf amendment to attach to the appropriate insurance bill (like SB 388) without poisoning the bill with other mandates.
    March 24:
    SB 388 (+DeGraaf) passed the House 93-29.
  • Support defunding Planned Parenthood from the state budget.

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Photos of 2010 Rally for Life by Joseph Myers, available at: http://yourbestphotographer.com/events/Topeka_1-22-2010/Gallery.html

Approximately 2,000 prolifers–- many under age 18– marched from the Topeka Performing Arts Center to the KFL Rally for Life at the Kansas Supreme Court Judicial Center Friday, Jan.22, marking the 37th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  Prominent were signs from the national “Silent No More” post-abortion-regret campaign.

A dozen crisis pregnancy center directors and counselors from around the state were given recognition and received baby supplies brought by Rally participants.  Bradley Fisher of Abilene, the 2009 winner of KFL’s state high school oratory contest, gave his winning speech and student winners in KFL’s annual grade school poster contest were also recognized.

KFL  Executive Director Mary Kay Culp announced the KFL Political Action Committee campaign, “Fire Beier” to educate voters about why they should vote NOT to retain the Kansas Supreme Court Justices up for retention in November, 2010, particularly Justice Carole Beier. (More on this in next post as new developments were breaking Monday.)

Kansas Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) was the keynote speaker and pro-life state legislators were in attendance. Remarks on behalf of the 4th District Congressman Todd Tiahrt were delivered by his wife, Vicki.

Defund Planned Parenthood

Kansas Sen. Tim Huelskamp, candidate for 1st District U. S. representative, said he would reintroduce legislation to stop state tax (more…)

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Students at 2009 state Rally (photo: Joseph Myers)

NARAL and NOW regularly bemoan the low number of genXers who appreciate their ‘struggle to secure abortion rights’. They’re right only in this sense– that the younger generation IS more pro-life than ever!

Students compose the majority of the roughly half million marchers (or more!) (more…)

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Kansas City Ezine reports abortion supporters are now running a national TV ad about the current House-passed health reform because it contains the Stupak-Pitts amendment, barring new ways to spend tax monies on insurance that funds abortion. (The new Senate health reform bill unveiled yesterday has no Stupak-type prohibition.)

Pushing for taxpayer-funded elective abortion is of course immoral, but it’s also a change in long-standing federal policy.  Nevertheless, the ad features a woman complaining that her federal job insurance would not pay for a $5,000 abortion of an unborn child diagnosed with anencephaly, a spinal (more…)

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