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Kansas has the most elitist State Supreme Court justice selection process (map by KansasWatchdog)

Elections truly have consequences, but Kansas attorneys have the most unrestricted power of any state in the union to hand-select state Supreme Court justices. (see details and comparisons to other states at Kansas Watchdog)

The Kansas Supreme Court is composed of 7 justices: 2 appointed by Gov. Bill Graves, 4 by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, and, as of this week, in the closing months of his term, abortion-supporting Gov. Mark Parkinson will pick a replacement for recently deceased Chief Justice Robert Davis (an appointee of pro-life Gov. Joan Finney).

Theoretically, these justices pledge to be neutral and uphold the state Constitution.  But consider the actual actions of a Sebelius-majority Court:

  • the Court’s repeated pro-abortion-industry interventions,
  • Justice Beier’s rant and insistence on sanctions against AG Phill Kline (decried by Davis and then-chief Justice MacFarland) in the 2005 Alpha “clinic files” decision,  and
  • the current 15-month delay on the Planned Parenthood criminal case.

KFL has been supportive of changing the way (more…)

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Former Deputy AG Eric Rucker

The battle to prosecute Wichita and Johnson County abortion businesses–  begun by former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline in 2003– is still not over.

Exactly one year ago, the Johnson County assistant District Attorney argued before the state Supreme Court that they should end the forced silence imposed on a district judge the Court had put in charge of abortion files.  No ruling has yet been issued, and the 107 criminal charges against the Overland Park Planned Parenthood clinic remain in limbo.

Related to the Wichita case, Kline’s  former deputy, Eric Rucker, was questioned by an ethics panel Thursday about his candor before the state Supreme Court 5 years ago.   After 15 months of media sensationalism over ethics charges against Kline’s prosecutorial team, the professional misconduct case against Rucker narrowed significantly.

“Not a single allegation from the original complaint remains,” Rucker’s attorney Caleb Stegall told the panel. “Every allegation by the Disciplinary Administrator has been dismissed or abandoned.”

Stegall said Rucker was a lawyer for 28 years before he recently retired and had never had a disciplinary action before.  (more…)

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The AP reported 1,800 attended an “Emergency Rally” in Omaha Sunday, to protest health care reforms.  Kansans for Life joined to protest the betrayal of Sen. Ben Nelson in agreeing to a federal abortion-funding scheme.  Click here and  scroll down to second photo of Huckabee to view video of his speech.  See also story from KansasWatchdog.

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