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Campaign regulation bills are flying in the Kansas Statehouse from the governmental ethics office, the  gay lobby and Kansas A.G. Steve Six.   All would impinge on 1st amendment protected free speech and some would even silence KFL during the critical election seasons.

We defeated (at least temporarily) SB 456, are concerned about SB 563 (placing judges under campaign law) and strongly oppose HB 2082 (formerly SB 418) which has been whisked through committee and awaits a Senate vote. UPDATE: March 23: The Senate debated new 2079 (old SB 563) and failed to attach HB 2082 to it, by a vote of 18-21. HB 2079 is on hold.

HB 2082 violates Court rulings that separate direct electioneering from unregulated free speech during the election season.

“Issue advocacy” is what policy groups do to educate the public without advocating the specific election or defeat of those candidates.   This includes, but is not limited to, comprehensive voting guides, candidate forums and newsletters discussing legislative actions.

Such “issue advocacy” does not function as an ‘in-kind’ political donation and need not be regulated. The government is not (more…)

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