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KS judge-selection process bends to citizen discontent

In a surprise online release Friday, the Kansas Nominating Commission that screens applicants for the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals said the public will be able to attend candidate interviews, beginning Feb. 17.

The Commission’s Chair said opening the interviews is designed to instill further confidence so “Kansans now can see for themselves how well the nonpartisan merit selection process works.”  However, it is really just a tiny step forward, since the Commission

  1. reserved the right to adjourn to executive session during the interviews;
  2. doesn’t promise public access to the commission discussion or vote tallies;
  3. doesn’t have citizen input on questions posed.

A lawsuit (KFL post here) filed earlier this year in federal court in Wichita challenged the constitutionality of the state’s closed judicial nominating process, in which lawyers–not citizens– pick five of the nine nominating commission members who screen judicial candidates.

TheKansasReporternoted that (more…)

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KFL-PAC opposes Justice Beier

Kansans for Life deplores the preferential treatment of the abortion industry in the Sebelius-loaded state supreme court, which:

  • undermined citizen-petitioned grand juries conducted against abortionists;
  • invented rules to block acquisition of abortion records–but not other sensitive medical files;
  • silenced a judge they appointed to watch over abortion records, after he discovered clinic forgery.

Thus, the Kansans for Life political action committee (KFL-PAC)  proposed a ‘Fire Beier’ campaign, opposing the retention of the 4 state supreme court justices, especially Carol Beier.

The KFL-PAC also believes that the public will be better served by electing judges in general.

To that end, the 10th District U.S. Circuit Court ruled in 2006 that Kansas ethics rules that prohibit judicial candidates from answering pre-election questionnaires violate the judges’ fundamental free speech rights.

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Voters have traditionally been reluctant to oust sitting  judges– much less state supreme court justices–but the Kansans for Life Political Action Committee (KFL-PAC) thinks the ‘Fire Beier’ campaign is worth waging because of egregious pro-abortion Court bias.

And now that battle is even harder, as we are competing against public service media announcements issued by the Kansas Commission on Judicial Performance, a state entity that recommends ALL Kansas judges be retained.

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier is a beneficiary of these tax-payer-funded ads, which promote the Commission’s website as the “true” information voters need for November’s election.

This Commission recommends every judge be retained (including Justice Beier) relying primarily on surveys from a limited group of insiders— mostly attorneys– even when an admittedly insufficient number of surveys was received!

A review of all profiles shows (more…)

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