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Wichita's money-losing Planned Parenthood

UPDATE, Aug.30, 5:20pm: Without answering the contractual issues, Judge Marten late today ordered an immediate quarterly payment from the state to Planned Parenthood, without any bond.

“Planned Parenthood is threatening to close its Hays clinic this Friday if its federal family planning funds aren’t restored by Sept. 16,” writes The Kansas City Star.

That money is not “its” funding. The Title X taxpayer funding belongs to the state taxpayers, to be distributed by the health department (KDHE) . KDHE head, Dr. Robert Moser, said,

“Title X was not intended to be an entitlement program for Planned Parenthood.”

But The Star (recipient of Planned Parenthood’s 2006 media award) –as well as the presiding judge in the lawsuit, Thomas Marten– continue to fundamentally misstate the situation.

Yes, Planned Parenthood of Kansas Mid-Missouri annually got some of Kansas’ Title X money for its outlets in Hays and Wichita.  But so did another private business, Dodge City Family Planning Clinic.

All three no longer qualify for funding in Kansas as they are not providing preventative and primary care, in addition to reproductive-related services, as now required by state law.

The Dodge City business has not sued for “its” money, but Planned Parenthood has, employing three specialized law firms to wrongly argue that federal law forbids state discretion in selecting subcontractors— which it does not. (more…)

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KFL sponsored an anti-PP billboard this month

Recent Planned Parenthood billboards in the Kansas City area hail their 75th anniversary of  ‘helping your loved ones’.  Indignant pro-lifers contacted Kansans for Life to co-sponsor billboard rebuttals. (Sample shown)

The anniversary fundraising dinner received, in effect, free publicity from the Kansas City Star, part of the McClatchy chain.  Having pocketed Planned Parenthood’s 2006 Maggie Award–named for eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger– the Star exhibits an ongoing love affair with the abortion business located in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

One Star piece profiled Emily Boyer, a 20-year-old college student scheduled to speak at the dinner, based on her PP experience of  “canvassing crowds with petitions for support of comprehensive sex education, passing out condoms on her campus and sitting at information tables.”

A Star editorial on the day of the fundraiser read like a glowing press release.  It cited PP’s history in Kansas City, attempting to minimize its 5,000 annual abortions (half of Kansas’ total) and the 107 criminal (more…)

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PicturemeetingThe Executive Director of the Kansas Board of Healing Arts , Jack Confer, resigned unexpectedly from his position Monday, October 19th.  The Kansas City Star finally reported it six days later.

In the interim they found room on the Sunday, Oct. 25th front page to run an exclusive article about several activists auctioning items on eBay to fund an aggressive justification defense for Scott Roeder, the man who allegedly killed Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.  (more…)

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