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District Judge Wesley Brown

UPDATE, Thurs. Sept. 29 : Judge Brown denies ACLU injunction

Kansas’ new health insurance law barring elective abortion coverage in private insurance plans without individually-purchased “riders” passed its first hurdle last Monday.  That’s  when U.S. Magistrate Kenneth Gale forwarded his recommendation to U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown that a preliminary injunction be denied.

(Noteworthy is that Brown, age 104 and appointed by President Kennedy in 1962, ties an age record for the federal bench. He is phasing out his criminal caseload but still hears civil cases, relying on other judges to work up a recommendation.)

The ACLU of Kansas & Western Missouri had sought a preliminary injunction based on the claim that the lack of insurance-paid abortion showed gender discrimination and functioned as an impermissible “tax” on abortion. 

However, similar laws protecting the conscience rights of employers and employees in seven other states [Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin] have survived (more…)

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