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Possibly emboldened by the events in Wisconsin, five members of the Senate Judiciary committee played hooky on Monday to deny a quorum needed to vote out pro-life bills– but citizen uproar forced them back to the table in the evening.

After the Senate recessed for the day, Judiciary Chair Tim Owens (R-Overland Park) reconvened the committee and they voted out to the full Senate, 2 of 3 pro-life measures that received a hearing last Thursday.  The first bill passed was HB 2035, Late- term Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act, which

  • contains twice-vetoed provisions to curb  inauthentic statistical reporting by abortionists;
  • strengthens parental involvement in teen abortions from notice by mail to signed consent;
  • requires parental waiver protocols by courts to provide minors with better assessment,  and sexual abuse reporting.

The second bill, HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, will ban abortion past 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post-fertilization).

The bill had passed 91-30 in the House but narrowly escaped major undoing by Sen. Laura Kelly(D-Topeka), under the tutelage of  Rep. Barb Bollier (R-Mission Hills);  both are fierce abortion supporters.  (more…)

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Late today, pro-lifers sunk A.G. Six’s Robo-Call Privacy Act (SB 456) by a final vote of 13-27 in the Senate.  The bill would have restricted the use of auto-dial calls by non-profit groups, including Kansans for Life.

This is a big win, especially since A.G. Six put out a big press push yesterday (see his website).

Kansans for Life opposed SB 456, warning that the bill exempted arbitrary entities and hampered free speech.  Kansas already has a Do-Not-Call law, which applies to unwanted business calls.

Sen. Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson) carried the opposition to SB 456, and warned that it violated Constitutionally-protected free speech with severe financial penalties.

Sen. Karin Brownlee (R-Olathe) and Sen. Dick Kelsey (R-Goddard) warned about the chilling effect the bill would have on various charities.

Before the vote, Sen. Tim Huelskamp (R-Fowler) secured an amendment to exempt political speech, which is really the target of such bills.

Senators who voted to protect free speech (more…)

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