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Sen Garrett Love

The Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act, Hsub 62,  passed  the Kansas Senate tonight: 23 -16,with 1 absent, under the shepherding of Sen. Garrett Love (R-Montezuma). The bill had passed the House  on March 29 by a vote of 95-29, 1 absent, having been introduced in the House Judiciary committee by Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe), chairman.

The Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act updates 40-years-old state law protecting health professionals’ right to refuse participation in abortion and sterilization. Specifically, it  will:

  • broaden the institutions covered to any medical facility, not just hospitals,
  • widen the category of morally objectionable procedures to include drugs and devices that are reasonably believed to have abortion-causing effects; and
  • protect against forced referrals for such procedures, drugs and devices.

This bill was needed because the definition of abortion covered by conscience protection, did not include drugs and devices provided to non-pregnant women, i.e. birth control. Yet the line is increasingly blurring between abortion drugs like RU486– intentionally given to cause abortion– and chemically-similar “contraceptive” drugs like ‘Ella’.  And the intense moral decision-making  falls on doctors and pharmacists who actually effectuate the termination of human life.

Medical professionals have the right to keep their first amendment freedom of religion, especially in a culture of death where med schools have largely abandoned the Hippocratic oath. This is an important step to prevent Kansas pro-life medical professionals from being run out of medicine.

Sen. Love ably defended the bill, refusing to get sidetracked from the main issue  by the usual confusing meanderings of pro-abortion (more…)

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UPDATE, 5:30pm: The House passed this measure on voice vote, with a recorded vote to be taken tomorrow.

Today, the Kansas House is scheduled to take up the Healthcare Rights of Conscience, a measure strengthening protections for medical professionals and healthcare facilities that oppose abortion, sterilization and abortifacient (abortion-causing) drugs and devices.

  • Over 8,300 abortions were performed in Kansas in 2010.
  • Sterilization of females by “tubal ligations” number approximately 500 per year in Kansas hospitals, with an additional unknown number in single-day surgery centers.
  • Millions of pills, patches, injections and devices not only act to prevent pregnancy, they silently eliminate tiny human beings (embryos) trying to implant in their mother’s wombs. By definition, that is post-fertilization abortifacient action.

Current state statutes allow physicians and hospitals to stay out of direct abortions and sterilizations, but those statutes were written before chemicals that cause abortion –intentionally or indirectly– were invented.

Today’s pharmacists who are ethically opposed to filling prescriptions for abortifacient drugs are in a terrible bind. The Healthcare Rights of Conscience would protect such Kansas pharmacists from job loss or their employer from a retaliatory civil lawsuit.

Ethical healthcare conflicts are escalating under a pro-death administration that has mandated free birth control and abortifacients in all health plans. This weekend, a reported 54,000 citizens attended “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rallies  in 143 cities, to protest the mandate.

Infanticide has now been shockingly advocated in a mainstream periodical– (more…)

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