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Today, it was raw ambition and chutzpah –not Courage– that surfaced during the nearly successful Senate veto override for pro-life bill, HB 2115.

The veto failed by the one vote of Wichita Republican  Jean Schodorf, right after staging a publicity stunt on the Senate floor by announcing she was emailing an invite to  KFL and Planned Parenthood to join her in creating a “compromise” bill.

What hypocrisy—there is no conflict needing re-hashing!  Schodorf ALREADY VOTED FOR the exact provisions of HB 2115 when they were part of the 2008 Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act.  See details (more…)

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The political chess game continues!

The absence of 2 pro-life Kansas State Representatives today at the statehouse delayed the effort to successfully override Gov. Mark Parkinson’s veto of late-term abortion reporting reform (HB 2115).

A vote of 82-40, with 3 absent, would have ended the override effort.   Pro-life leader Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) voted against the override ONLY as a procedural move so that another vote could be taken. The House adjourned until Monday at 11 a.m.

Pro-lifers look forward to a “full  House” on Monday when the motion to re-vote on the override will be immediately undertaken. We expect to achieve the 2/3 majority of 84 votes needed for override, barring any more absences.

After that, the measure heads to the Senate, where again, the vote will be  a nail-biter.

Rep. Rocky Fund (R-Hoyt) who is undergoing chemotherapy, struggled to come today solely for this override vote.  (more…)

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Medical malpractice occurs when physician error causes patient damage. Civil lawsuits provide injured patients redress for situations where good physicians do bad things or where bad physicians are operating in an environment that’s not good for consumers.  The application to abortion seems obvious.

When Kansas lawmakers resume work today, they will attempt an override of vetoed bill, HB 2115– the late-term abortion reporting bill.  HB 2115 also strengthens the right of patients to sue for medical malpractice and illegal abortions.

  1. One provision rescinds physician immunity from civil suits for insufficient abortion counseling & preparation.
  2. Another provision gives standing to sue for victims of a criminal late-term abortion: the woman and her husband at the time of the abortion; and, if a minor, to her parent/guardian.

Currently, women in abortion clinics have limited physician contact and instead, are routinely counseled by a non-professionally-certified staff member, often just a high school graduate with “on the job” training.  (more…)

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