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October 22, 2009

KFL Distraught Over Exit of KS Healing Board Director:  Abortion Suspected As Cause

Statement by KFL Executive Director Mary Kay Culp:

“Jack Confer was our last hope against the complete and total corruption of this state by abortion forces, and with his resignation, no matter what the reason, that hope is dashed.

“It has only been under Confer’s leadership that the Board enforced the state’s law banning affiliated medical referrals for post-viability abortions. We are upset and outraged and demand Kansas legislators do whatever they can to get to the bottom of this. If indeed abortion is the reason for Confer’s resignation, as we suspect, it underscores the desperate need Kansas has for a governor, public officials and a medical board that are not pawns of the abortion industry.”

In a strongly worded Dec. 2008 revocation petition against George Tiller, the Board –under Confer–alleged six years of illegal post-viability abortion referrals had transpired at Tiller’s facility in Wichita, including 11 cases of minors as young as 10. (more…)

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