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This weekend, Florida practitioner Matthew Kachinas lost his license for medical mishaps, including killing the wrong twin in a “selective reduction” abortion.

Kachinas had been contracted to eliminate a Down syndrome twin boy and leave the “normal” girl twin, but he injected poison into the wrong twin. Within a week the “parents” aborted the remaining, originally- targeted twin.

The pregnancy had been the result of in-vitro fertilization with an egg donor and much could be said about the sad state of objectifying children and ordering them up from a technology-assisted menu.

But the undeniable hard fact is that “designer baby” eugenics is big business; the doctors, hospital, egg donor, fertility business, pre-natal screener, and the “DNA defect” test creator– all made money from the creation, and destruction, of these children– and pro-abortion politicians make money from all of them.

In the U.S. , an estimated 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted and under Obamacare this trend will not be abated.

In fact, the chief decision-maker on approved procedures is HHS head, Kathleen Sebelius– who, as Governor, didn’t care that viable babies with Down syndrome were being aborted ILLEGALLY in Kansas. (more…)

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