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Rep./Dr. Bollier

Former anesthesiologist, Rep. Barbara Bollier, (R- Mission Hills) has become the leading strident voice opposing every Kansas pro-life bill. The hard left is grateful every time Bollier steps up to the microphone, “as a physician” making absolutist claims- including that fetal pain science is “false research”  and that  “[she] would be embarrassed to be a state that bases its laws on untruths.”

But it is Bollier who is the embarrassment with her rude, condescending tone and tactics: this year she handed her colleagues drawings of a baby lacking a brain stem to urge abortion before such an impaired child drew breath; last year she ruined an abortion-restricting insurance bill by adding a smoking ban to it.

Her medical facts are really indefensible. On the issue of fetal pain-capability (HB 2218), Bollier quotes one outdated text as if it could rebut hundreds of peer-reviewed articles AND the actual practice of neonatologists and surgeons who treat unborn children at 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post fertilization).

The 1987 landmark Harvard research explaining how the unborn are extremely pain-sensitive was based on numerous studies that had not been part of the medical teaching establishment.  1987 is the year Bollier began practicing medicine— during the absence of significant instruction in fetal pain, (more…)

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