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Pandora's Box well-symbolizes The Pill's unmitigated problems

Recent blog posts here have discussed why tax monies should never go to Planned Parenthood, and specifically in Kansas, Title X “family planning” money.  We would prefer that all such money be used for disease screening and prenatal care, instead of contraceptive shots, devices and pills.

(Update June 14: Planned Parenthood’s stealth grab for more federal tax money.)

In every nation where contraception is increased, abortion has never decreased.  Sexually permissive, contraceptive-friendly “blue” states have significantly higher abortion rates than “red” states, according to data from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood’s research arm).  That is because increased contraception does not reduce pregnancy:

  • 54% of abortion-seeking U.S. women were using  contraception when they became pregnant;
  • in the first year of contraceptive use, over 16% of teens will become pregnant;
  • 47% of cohabiting, contracepting teens will get pregnant;
  • increased access to contraception gives teens a false sense of security, leading to earlier onset of sexual activities, more sex partners and thus counteracting any intended reduction in pregnancy.

Princeton analyzed 23 studies conducted through 2006 to show if abortion rates and access to emergency contraception (“EC” or “morning-After” pills) are related.  Not even one study showed that EC reduced abortion.  Studies in UK and Sweden verify that increased promotion and distribution of EC and contraception has failed to lower (more…)

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