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A coalition of groups held a rally outside Congressman Dennis Moore’s office in Overland Park from noon till 1 PM today in solidarity with the opposition rally on Capitol Hill today.  About 100 showed up at the local rally to protest All-Life-Is-Precious (more…)

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sarah-palin-with-baby-trigFrom Jeanette Pryor’s blog:

One of the main reasons Conservatives in New York revolted against the GOP’s choice of D. Scozzafava as their candidate, was because of her position on Abortion. Some Republicans assert that the Hoffman Revolution is about the economy, yet the majority of objections in articles and calls to Talk Radio centered, primarily, on the Republicat’s NARAL rating and her reception of the Margaret Sanger Award, both reflecting her position on Abortion. It is because Sarah Palin is profoundly Pro-Life that she understood the extent of the GOP travesty in asking Conservatives to violate their moral convictions by voting for a woman whose position on these core issues was the polar opposite of their own. (more…)

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[Star title:  Anti-abortion display offends]

A letter to the Kansas City Star claims the crosses at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Kansas City Missouri are “offensive”? 

The letter author claims:

It’s a “memorial” of sorts that tallies the daily number of abortions. It’s a horrific site and a classless, irresponsible display.

Read the complete letter on the  Star’s site.

Here’s a picture from the Catholic Key, St. Thomas More’s crosses, times 10, mark daily toll of lives lost to abortion:


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An hour of public witness and prayer for unborn babies and their mothers and for respect for the sacredness of human life at all stages! One of 68 Life Chains in Kansas on Oct 4, 2009.

Other Life Chain Links:

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