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Sexually-oriented businesses, from strip clubs to sex trafficking, rely on keeping females visually and physically “available”and not pregnant.

However, annual contraceptive ‘failure rates’ range from 2-50%, and when multiplied by a high number of sexual encounters, increase exponentially the chance of pregnancy– and abortion.

So while sex profiteers try to justify these activities as victimless, there ARE millions of victims–  including, not only debased women and runaway teens, but also millions of unborn children who have been aborted.

Our friends at Concerned Women for America are encouraging Kansans to

call their Senator and Senate President by Tuesday to urge passage of the Community Defense Act (SB25)

which the Kansas House has passed by large margins several times over the last 2 years.

The Community Defense Act [CDA]applies time, place and manner restrictions on sexually-oriented businesses.  Protection at the state level is needed because many of these businesses purposefully locate in unincorporated or county jurisdictions which often don’t have regulations to limit the activities of these establishments.

UPDATE, May 4: Senate rejected the CDA with a 17-22 vote. (more…)

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