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abortion safety skewed by CDC missing death & injury data

Kansas abortionist, Herbert Hodes, has retracted his testimony to the Kansas House Federal State Affairs Committee about 5 deaths having occurred to women undergoing abortion in Kansas in the past 5 years.

However, there HAVE been at least 5 deaths at the hands of Kansas Healing Arts Board-licensed abortionists, although 3 of them did not occur on Kansas soil.  Kansans for Life has copies of the

lawsuits filed in all 5 deaths, and the allegations show an infuriating and inexcusable disregard for professional protocols and equipment.

The Kansas House and Senate will imminently vote upon a clinic licensure bill, now numbered ‘H sub SB 36’. This bill would provide state oversight to abortion businesses that have shown that, time after time, they will not police themselves.

In a March 15 letter sent to the committee, Hodes wrote, “I have researched this question and I now feel that in the more that in 30 years that abortion has been legal in Kansas only 2 deaths have occurred.”   Since he gave no names, we can only assume he referred to the publicly-known deaths in Kansas of

  1. Erna Fisher, 18, in Dennis Miller’s Kansas City abortion clinic March 3, 1988, and
  2. Christin Gilbert, 19,  in George Tiller’s Wichita clinic, Jan.13, 2005.

However, 3 other abortion deaths occurred at the hand of Kansas-licensed Robert Crist, a Planned Parenthood abortionist since 1980:

  1. Diane Boyd, 19, at the St. Louis, MO, Planned Parenthood on Oct. 23, 1981;
  2. Latachie  Veal, 17, after a late-term abortion at the Houston, TX, West Loop Clinic on Nov.2, 1991;
  3. Nichole  Williams, 22, from her abortion at St. Louis Planned Parenthood on April 25, 1997.

We can’t know with any certainty the total number of women who have died from abortion by Kansas-licensed practitioners.  We would like to share a little about these women who died, (more…)

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Christin Gilbert, 2005 Wichita abortion death

Overland Park, Kansas abortionist, Herbert Hodes, traveled to Topeka Wednesday to testify against the abortion clinic licensing bill, but while doing so, revealed something neither the committee nor the public has ever heard–that there have been 5 maternal abortion deaths in Kansas over the past 5 years!

This bombshell admission alone should prove why Kansas needs the Abortion Clinic Licensure  Act, HB 2337, which was the subject of the House Federal & State Affairs committee hearing that continues today.

So, an abortionist who came to oppose clinic licensure inadvertently gave us the very reason to pass this legislation!  This begs the question if there were that many maternal abortion deaths, how many abortion injuries are occurring ?

HB 2337 and its twin in the Senate, SB 165, are essentially the same legislation to regulate clinics that former Gov. Sebelius vetoed twice, claiming it was unneeded in 2003 and that it unfairly singled out abortion in 2005.

HB 2337 creates abortion incident reporting to KDHE and professional boards such that the death of an aborted mother is reported within 1 business day and other injuries within 10 business days.

Unfortunately, the hearing was on a shortened time frame and committee members wanting to further question Hodes learned he would not be able to return Thursday. Some of the questions to pose would be:

1) How did Hodes hear of these deaths, and were any from his business?

2) How many deaths were reported to the state Board of Healing Arts? Kansans for Life has (more…)

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Julie Burkhart

Pro-abortion zealots like Julie Burkhart are angry that Kansas politics is no longer under their thumb.

With news that annual abortion statistics will be medically accurate, Burkhart (creator of the Trust Women Political Action Committee) wailed: “The Kansas Legislature and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) have chosen to spend precious time this year, once again,

  • snooping into the private lives of pregnant women
  • collect[ing] sexual histories of women and girls and
  • policing the private lives of pregnant women.”

Wow!  Without those breath-taking lies, the ineffectual and factually-bereft lobbyists for Planned Parenthood and N.O.W. wouldn’t have any talking points.

Gone now from Kansas politics is the big money of George Tiller, the abortionist protection of the Kansas state Healing Arts Board director Larry Buening, and the power of former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

That undercut the power structure for Burkhart, who was Tiller’s top aide and director of his ProKanDo PAC.  In early 2009, Burkhart fled Kansas, having learned that Tiller was going to lose his medical license under Buening’s Healing Arts replacement, Jack Confer.

While she didn’t last long leading a liberal political group in Missouri, Tiller’s death created a opportunity for Burkhart to assert herself as a national spokeswoman with her “Trust Woman” PAC.

With her idol, Sebelius, esconced as Obama’s HHS director, Burkhart probably hoped abortion clinics would cement enough federal money to prop up her pulpit.  But then came the November elections.

Still, Burkhart continues to pontificate and assert blatant misinformation to the media about Kansas legislative and administrative actions.  The truth is– other than the veiled reference to a 2005 abortion death (Christin Gilbert)–

NO medical history or personal identification of
any aborted woman has ever been revealed
by ANY Kansas agency or official.

However, by lying about that fact, abortion zealots (more…)

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