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U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson

Desperation (to get 60 Democrat votes to pass the Senate health bill by Christmas) spawned atrocious abortion language approved late Friday night by self-described-pro-life-holdout Sen. Ben Nelson    But neither pro-lifers or abortion supporters are happy— only Democrat politicians wanting to hand Obama a victory.

Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director of our sister affiliate, Nebraska Right to Life, has issued a press release bemoaning the collaboration of their endorsed Senator with hard-core abortion supporters: (more…)

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The Senate health care proposal, already termed a historic monstrosity by U.S. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, just grew another head with an 11th-hour “abortion compromise” crafted by Democrat pro-abortion leaders to appease Sen. Ben Nelson.

The House had already passed its health bill with the Stupak-Pitts amendment prohibiting federally funded abortion, but the Senate failed to add the equivalent pro-life Nelson-Hatch amendment.

National Right to Life scores the existing Senate language as NOT solving the fundamental abortion-related problems that Stupak does, and as inventing more problems because it will (more…)

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UPDATE Dec. 19: Bad news– Sen. Nelson has caved, in exchange for  a permanent Medicaid bribe for Nebraskans only, and a worthless “opt-out”  funding trick.  As a result, Democrats have the needed 60 votes to end filibuster and proceed to voting before Christmas.

In-fighting among Democrat constituencies may accomplish what the Republican minority can’t do–kill the Senate health reform bill. (more…)

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Public support is rapidly sinking for an obscenely anti-life Senate health care bill supported by the Obama administration.  Lifenews.com reports today on a poll, from the reliable Rasmussen group, that 56 % of the public now oppose the bill– the lowest level of support in nearly two dozen tracking polls since June.

The measure passed a crucial procedural vote Saturday night with the support of self-professed pro-life Democrat Senators.

Kansas legislators from both parties (particularly in the Senate with their long 6-year tenure) have often played this game–  (more…)

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