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When these billboards went up last November, it was hoped they’d bring an increase in clients at the Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers.  (located in the Kansas City suburbs of Shawnee and Overland Park).

“It’s really exciting that God has been bringing in the type of client that we’ve been praying for– those at risk for abortion,”said Barb Gosa, the center’s director.

“We’ve had more women come to us with abortions already scheduled than we’ve ever seen!”  she added.  Some may have been trying to find a place for a cheaper abortion but some are calling because somewhere deep inside there is something stirring in their heart and they are having second guesses.

The number of hotline calls increased by 64 %, the number of sonograms by 212 % and the number of pregnancy tests by 43%.

Advise and Aid staff were surprised by another (more…)

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