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Where's the baby?

Where’s the baby in abortion reporting?

Kansans for Life has worked hard with citizens for decades to get to the point where we are leading the nation in pro-life laws while supporting the growth of an extensive network of statewide maternity assisting centers. (see list on our recently updated website, here)

We never lose focus on the true victim of each abortion—a precious baby.

KFL developed and helped pass legislation that presents an immense threat to legalized abortion created by Roe v Wade: The Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.

The Act exposes the grisly and barbaric procedure– of dismembering unborn children– that happens in every state; a procedure that has actually increased in Kansas while the law was being enacted!

While the law remains under court injunction, dismemberment abortion remains a legal business transaction in which the abortionist charges up to $2,000 to tear apart a living unborn child in her mother’s wombs with sharp metal tools until she bleeds to death.

The thrust of the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act is to wake up Kansans to the act of inhumanely dismembering a well-formed unborn child while still alive.

And the media blocks that, refusing even to call the law by its name, or even by summarizing it correctly as making it illegal to tear apart living unborn babies.

In the Associated Press list of the top ten Kansas stories of 2015, the passage of the dismemberment ban was ranked as #7, but this is all that was written:

“Kansas’ first-in-the-nation ban on a common second-trimester method for terminating pregnancies was set to take effect in July. But a judge blocked the law while a lawsuit challenging it proceeds.”

A common second-trimester method??? How sanitized…and  how absurd. But that is how the media talks about it–ignoring the baby and hiding the truth from Kansans.

The media continues to protect the abortion industry by avoiding the word “dismemberment” and framing this important new law as limiting abortionists to “inferior methods.”

As Kansas continues to offer assistance to pregnant women needing support, Kansans for Life will continue to tell the truth about abortion. We will not overlook the baby…will you?

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Judges’ rulings do not blossom after carefully evaluating competing legal briefs; most judges know at the outset where they want to end up and then carefully select the legal stepping stones to get there.

This happened in the Aug 1st ruling in which Kansas district Judge Thomas Marten dismissed the state’s constitutional budget authority and used “injunctive relief” to send one third million dollars in family planning tax money to Planned Parenthood of Kansas Mid-Missouri.

Kansas’ new law prioritizing family planning contracts is– on the legal merits– the strongest of state battles with Planned Parenthood funding.

Since Planned Parenthood attorneys can’t win that argument, they necessarily spun their lawsuit as a free speech issue in which a ‘newly-elected radical-right wing government wages a war on women.’

Judge Marten warmed to that theme and issued a temporary injunction against a budget proviso — with language that never mentions abortion or Planned Parenthood– because Marten determined that its true “purpose was to punish Planned Parenthood for its advocacy of abortion rights.”

To support the ruling, an Associated Press piece Sunday (more…)

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