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Medical malpractice occurs when physician error causes patient damage. Civil lawsuits provide injured patients redress for situations where good physicians do bad things or where bad physicians are operating in an environment that’s not good for consumers.  The application to abortion seems obvious.

When Kansas lawmakers resume work today, they will attempt an override of vetoed bill, HB 2115– the late-term abortion reporting bill.  HB 2115 also strengthens the right of patients to sue for medical malpractice and illegal abortions.

  1. One provision rescinds physician immunity from civil suits for insufficient abortion counseling & preparation.
  2. Another provision gives standing to sue for victims of a criminal late-term abortion: the woman and her husband at the time of the abortion; and, if a minor, to her parent/guardian.

Currently, women in abortion clinics have limited physician contact and instead, are routinely counseled by a non-professionally-certified staff member, often just a high school graduate with “on the job” training.  (more…)

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Kansas City Ezine reports abortion supporters are now running a national TV ad about the current House-passed health reform because it contains the Stupak-Pitts amendment, barring new ways to spend tax monies on insurance that funds abortion. (The new Senate health reform bill unveiled yesterday has no Stupak-type prohibition.)

Pushing for taxpayer-funded elective abortion is of course immoral, but it’s also a change in long-standing federal policy.  Nevertheless, the ad features a woman complaining that her federal job insurance would not pay for a $5,000 abortion of an unborn child diagnosed with anencephaly, a spinal (more…)

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