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Psych expert , Dr. Liza Gold

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts intends to prove that abortionist Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus failed to meet the standard of care when supplying late-term abortion referrals to George Tiller in 2003. The charges were filed in April 2010 and the hearing began Monday in Topeka.

The state’s case relies on the testimony of well-credentialed, east coast psychiatrist, Dr. Liza H Gold. She says that the psychiatric manuals and computer program that Neuhaus twice officially admitted to using–
for psychologically diagnosing women seeking late-term abortions
— both come with explicit warning “not to use them as cookbooks” to be applied mechanically by untrained individuals –like Neuhaus.

Gold reviewed files from Neuhaus and Tiller, as well as Neuhaus’ self-damaging testimony taken by former AG Phill Kline and her sworn statements in the Tiller misdemeanor trial of March 2009. Gold ticked off numerous deficiencies in the medical records of the 10 minors and 1 adult female whom Neuhaus “psychologically evaluated”, often for as little as 15 minutes, before stamping them with irreversible and substantial damage that justified aborting viable babies.

Neuhaus’ attorney Bob Eye asserted that abortions had not (more…)

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AG Schmidt hires help vs abortion lawyer 'army'

UPDATE Wed. July 20: Schmidt defends outside hires for abortion lawsuits
Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt just made a great hire –former KU law dean, Stephen McAllister—to handle the lawsuit against our new state abortion facility licensure law.

McAllister served as a clerk to former U.S. Supreme Court justice Byron White and sitting justice Clarence Thomas. He has been Special Counsel to the Kansas House.  As Solicitor General in 2007, McAllister wrote a masterful defense of the state late-term abortion law.

In related news, Schmidt hired a private law firm (Foulston Siefkin of Wichita) to defend the state in the Planned Parenthood suit over family planning money that the abortion business no longer qualifies for. (see earlier posts here and here)

The KCStar and AP report that Schmidt said he was following past practice, as previous attorneys general did for special topics that are resource intensive, like school finance, water boundaries, and, now, abortion.

With 10 attorneys on staff handling more than 600 cases, Schmidt said he had to seek outside legal help, when faced with “a small army of out-of-state lawyers.”   Schmidt continued, (more…)

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This cartoon reminds us what Steve Six’s true role was as Kansas Attorney General from 2008- 2010– protecting the abortion cartel in Kansas.

From day one in office, Six promoted the fiction that constant vigilance was needed to “protect patient privacy” even in paperwork scrubbed clean of personally-identifying data.

UPDATE, Jun 15 9:30pm: Sen. Roberts issued new press release saying he “will not support [Six’s] nomination [and]have urged my colleagues on the committee to vote against his nomination.” Sen. Moran’s office released a similar statement opposing Six.

READ THIS for our 3-page, footnoted summary of how Steve Six intensified the abortion corruption in this state. (more…)

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Canadian dad views dumpster where he rescued a newborn that is his own child! (photo, D.Makowichuk, QMI Agency)

Two newborns were cruelly put into plastic bags and then thrown into dumpsters this week by their own mothers.  Both were miraculously discovered and are being treated in hospital.

Lesson: if you’re walking near a dumpster and think you hear an infant crying–don’t hesitate to investigate.

On Tuesday, in Calgary, Ontario, a 30-year-old man returning to his condo to check on his ailing 29-year-old girlfriend heard a passersby said, ‘I think I hear a baby in the dumpster.”   He jumped into action, pulled out a bag of trash and uncovered a hypothermic newborn inside with an umbilical cord still attached.

Later on that evening he was told the child he had saved was HIS OWN, trashed approximately 2 hours after birth!  The man, still unnamed, wants to raise the child.

His girlfriend (also unnamed) claims she was unaware of her pregnancy, and is scheduled for psychiatric assessment– facing charges of attempted murder, failing to provide the necessities of life and child abandonment.

Three days later, another newborn –weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz.– was rescued from the trash by a janitorial team working at an apartment complex in Emporia, Kansas(more…)

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The newest ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court, written by Justice Carol Beier, validates our Kansans For Life-Political Action Committee’s ‘Fire Beier’ initiative and our opposition to re-electing Steve Six as Attorney General.

Efforts to prosecute abortion crimes in Kansas (begun when Phill Kline was AG) have been held hostage for seven years by the state Supreme Court.  Periodically the Court has freed the litigation, but only after hog-tying it with special instructions, accompanied by long  anti-Kline diatribes by Justice Carol Beier.

This was the case Friday, with the Court’s long-overdue release of the 107-count criminal case against Planned Parenthood, sending it back to court in Johnson County, Kansas.

The abortion industry has no better ally than Justice Beier, who penned all three rulings (2006, 2008, 2010) in lawsuits that Planned Parenthood had filed to insure that abortion (more…)

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