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"To Catch a Predator" TV at PP?

To Planned Parenthood’s benefit, an activist Superior Court judge took the teeth out of a long-sought Alaska law that would require clinics to notify parents before their under-age daughters undergo abortion.

Judge John Suddock allowed the law to go into effect today–which Planned Parenthood says they’ll still appeal– but he removed any incentive for clinics to obey the law by

  • removing the fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years for abortionist noncompliance,
  • relaxing the law to allow physicians or a “designee” to notify parents or guardians, and
  • disallowing abortionists from being liable for damages.

The need for such law is clearly playing out in Ohio, where two families are suing Planned Parenthood for failure to contact parents and failure to report statutory rape to the proper authorities. (more…)

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