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The dominant long-term concerns of Kansas’ health division (KDHE) are smoking, flu and obesity.   Abortion is not viewed as a significant impediment to Kansas’ future growth and well-being.

The official 2009 state health statistics for Kansas that were just released, do include many tables showing race, age and county of women getting abortions, but no sense of the massive health crisis abortion presents in lost lives, damaged women and subsequent unhealthy children.

State data shows there were over 41,300 Kansans born last year, with a ratio of almost 9 Kansas births for every Kansas baby aborted.  That’s a good ratio, compared to many states.

However, the nearly 4,800 Kansas unborn children aborted in 2009 roughly equals the total resident student population attending Emporia State University.

Thus, every year, the number of aborted Kansas children could populate another whole state university!  Tragic–but apparently not worthy of targeted state health initiatives.

Viewing the state statistics as a weekly snapshot, each week (on average) 879 Kansas unborn children left their mothers’ wombs. (more…)

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