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Today let’s take a small stroll down memory lane.  While it’s easy for us to recall formative events in our lives such as riding our first bike, laughing with siblings, or family meals, our earliest events are beyond our ability to remember.  However just because we cannot remember doesn’t make them any less formative.  Let’s take a look at the diary of the unborn you.

Did you know that twenty-two days into your life your heart began to pump your blood through your tiny body?  Often before your parents discovered you were on your way you had a cardiovascular system that was working with your unique blood type.  Around this same time, your nervous system and organs began to form starting the beginnings of your spinal column, liver, and kidneys.

You continued to grow quickly, developing eyes, legs, hands, mouth, and toes all from weeks five to seven.  Your brain waves were first detectable at week six letting us know you could, in fact, thinking, despite what your siblings have led us to believe.  By the seventh week of your life you were already kicking and swimming, anxious to exercise and test your mettle.

By the eighth week of your life, you already possessed every organ that you have today.  Your bones began to replace cartilage, your unique fingerprints began to form, and you were able to hear the music your parents listened to from classical to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In the tenth and eleventh weeks after your conception, you were able to grasp with your tiny hands.  Your body had finished forming its skeletal structure, nerves, and circulatory system.  You had formed your teeth, learned to turn your head, frown, and hiccup.  By your twelfth week in this world, your nervous system had developed all the parts you needed to experience pain, nerves, spinal cord, and thalamus.  Even your vocal cords were finished allowing you to wow all your friends by singing karaoke many years down the road.

At this point in your life, you had all the tools necessary to become the adult we all know and love.  A little more time, a little more love and a whole lot of growing were all that was necessary to help you become you.  In fact, given that all the information necessary for this miracle was in your DNA all along you could say that you have always been you.  We’re glad you’re here with us.

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Essay by Joe Patton III

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147 studies show abortion-preterm link, but the denial continues

147 studies show the abortion-future preterm birth link, but pro-abortionists deny it.

The too-high rate of preterm births and low birth weight babies continues to plague state health agencies. But veteran pro-abortion apologist Dr. David Grimes assures readers in his recent Huffington post entry that any connection of premature births to abortion is merely an invention of “naive” pro-life enthusiasts.

Graves is brazenly dishonest.

The research into the  effects of induced abortion upon  future preterm births began in 1960 and now there are 147 statistically significant studies showing the connection. Many –if not most– women contemplating abortion wish to do get pregnant in the future. Is it not the essence of “informed consent” to make them aware of the possible consequences of that abortion for a subsequent pregnancy?

In July 2006, The Institutes of Medicine, which publishes several reports each year, issued a report “Preterm Birth, Its Causes, Consequences and Prevention.” The IOM cited abortion as an “immutable” factor for preterm birth.

Immutable means the effect cannot be undone; even smoking as a factor for lung cancer is not immutable. Now, granted that the “immutability” factor is buried on page 517-518 of the report, it’s still a bombshell! Ironically, Grimes was nominated to IOM membership in October 2006. Yet Grimes ignores the IOM finding.

As a trained epidemiologist and prolific author, it is unconscionable for Grimes to write there is only a “weak association” between abortion and an increased risk of subsequent premature deliveries and/or low-weight babies. There is such a high number of studies– including two “gold standard” meta-analyses (also called systematic reviews) in 2009—that demonstrate otherwise.

The APB link is settled science, according to this excerpt (emphasis added) from the invaluable book Complications: Abortion’s impact on Women (Lanfranchi, Gentiles, Ring-Cassidy, 2013)

“Thanks to two recently-published systematic reviews it is now settled science that women who have had one or more induced abortions significantly increase their chances of later giving birth to a preterm or low-birth-weight child.
Shah and colleagues analyzed 37 sound studies, and determined that the adjusted estimate of increased risk of low birth weight births was 24 per cent after one abortion, and 47 per cent after more than one abortion. The adjusted risk of preterm birth — meaning under 37 weeks’ gestation — increased by 27 per cent after one abortion, and 62 per cent after two or more abortions.
Swingle and colleagues reviewed 21 sound studies and concluded that one induced abortion increased the adjusted risk of a subsequent preterm birth by 25 per cent, while two or more abortions increased the risk by 51 per cent (Adjusted risk, means after other variables such as income, age and marital status have been taken account of).
More important, they found that women with prior induced abortions have 64 per cent higher risk of a very preterm delivery (under 32 weeks gestation) compared to women with no prior induced abortions. Both these studies confirm the “dose-response” effect; in other words, the more abortions a woman has, the greater her risk of later having a preterm and/or low weight birth child. Why should this be so? The explanation is that in a surgical abortion the cervix is forced open, thereby weakening it. The more abortions a woman has, the weaker her cervix is likely to become.”

This excerpt belies Grimes’ claim that the relevant science misgroups women, doesn’t screen out other factors, and misunderstands “causation.”

For example, the large Kissler study he dislikes, clearly says, “Observational studies like ours, however large and well-controlled, will not prove causality.” But it adds, importantly, “Health care professionals should be informed about the potential risks of repeat induced abortions on infant outcomes in subsequent pregnancy.”

As a health “professional,” Grimes should stop denying the obvious.

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October is breast cancer awareness month, in case you haven’t seen the pink ribbons on practically every consumer item.

According to last week’s bulletin from the state health department (KDHE), 1,916 women were diagnosed in Kansas with breast cancer in 2007 (the most recent year for which statistics are available). In 2009, 369 women and 3 men died of breast cancer in Kansas.

The bulletin said, “Several lifestyle recommendations may reduce the risk of breast cancer. These include avoiding tobacco, staying active, maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting alcohol intake to one or fewer drinks per day, and increasing fiber intake with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.”

At my mammogram last week, I was asked a series of questions as part of the exam. I was NOT asked anything about smoking, food and alcohol intake or my exercise regimen. I was asked:

  1. at what age did my period begin and menopause begin;
  2. how many pregnancies did I have;
  3. how many children were living;
  4. had I ever used oral contraceptives or post-menopausal hormones.

That is because any honest expert understands that breast cancer is largely an “estrogen” story, and the questions all reflect that.

Estrogen surges at puberty, decreases at menopause, and rises 2000% above monthly peaks during each pregnancy except during nearly all pregnancies that naturally miscarry in the first trimester. Estrogen is also affected by birth-control and menopausal hormonal regimens.

Estrogen multiplies breast cells and breast cells are vulnerable to cancer-causing agents until they mature by having become milk-producing cells.  This is why the World Health Organization has taught for over 50 years (more…)

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A central reason given in Roe v. Wade for the legalization of abortion was the claim that, “Abortion is safer than childbirth.”  Though the claim has no basis in fact, the British Obstetric & Gynecology College has now recommended women be told that claim.

Reporting about abortions and their complications is not accurate, explains Dr. Jack Wilke. The comparison of abortion deaths to childbirth deaths is not only comparing apples with oranges, but has so many qualifying factors and unknowns that any type of reasonably accurate comparison is all but impossible.

A perfect example is the Kansas City Aid for Women clinic, that doesn’t even try to use current data.  Their online informed consent says, “First trimester procedures are safer than carrying to full-term…The mortality rate with legal abortions is 1 in 160,000…maternal death [is] 14 death per 100,000 live births when you include obstetric complications within the first year.”  The citation is not a bit current, it’s a 1987 CDC [Center for Disease Control] survey, itself flawed.

CDC is supposed to collect the number of abortions done nationwide,  but there are a number of states that don’t comply, including the huge state of California. A state that doesn’t even report abortions, certainly is not going to be reporting any sort of statistically relevant information about complications. So a high percentage of abortion complications are never reported.

‘Maternal mortality’ reported in the U.S. does not merely count deaths during or immediately following childbirth, it includes deaths from

  1. induced abortion (!);
  2. tubal and molar pregnancies;
  3. heart disease and high blood pressure, which may only be peripherally related to delivery;
  4. injuries and trauma UP TO ONE YEAR AFTER DELIVERY–including death from car accidents and murder!

Another factor is that the very few studies done (more…)

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Today’s politically correct tempest centers on whether the Susan G. Komen foundation should have permitted Kentucky Fried Chicken to be involved in their breast cancer fund-raising, with some claiming that the Colonel’s do-goodness is canceled out with his high-cholesterol and obesity-causing fried chicken.

So while liberals fuss that Komen is allowing itself to be used to improve KFC’s public image, they don’t fuss when Komen does it for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion business.

Figures show some Komen affiliates (not Kansas) have given Planned Parenthood $3 million between 2003 and 2008 and $805,000 in the 2008 fiscal year.  The money has been claimed as designated for breast exams, but whether or not it was used for that, the Komen relationship allows PP to

  • create a positive public image as a “trusted health care provider;”
  • gain access to another group of consumers who come for exams;
  • identify itself as pro-woman while hurting women’s health for profit.

Planned Parenthood’s mission is promoting and selling abortion and chemical contraception– the two most avoidable behaviors that raise women’s risk of breast cancer.

Komen’s website does not spell out this “Politically Incorrect” information, although the site (more…)

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This weekend, Florida practitioner Matthew Kachinas lost his license for medical mishaps, including killing the wrong twin in a “selective reduction” abortion.

Kachinas had been contracted to eliminate a Down syndrome twin boy and leave the “normal” girl twin, but he injected poison into the wrong twin. Within a week the “parents” aborted the remaining, originally- targeted twin.

The pregnancy had been the result of in-vitro fertilization with an egg donor and much could be said about the sad state of objectifying children and ordering them up from a technology-assisted menu.

But the undeniable hard fact is that “designer baby” eugenics is big business; the doctors, hospital, egg donor, fertility business, pre-natal screener, and the “DNA defect” test creator– all made money from the creation, and destruction, of these children– and pro-abortion politicians make money from all of them.

In the U.S. , an estimated 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted and under Obamacare this trend will not be abated.

In fact, the chief decision-maker on approved procedures is HHS head, Kathleen Sebelius– who, as Governor, didn’t care that viable babies with Down syndrome were being aborted ILLEGALLY in Kansas. (more…)

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Thursday, a House / Senate conference committee reviewed HB 2115, a bill that aims to end fraudulent Kansas late-term abortion reporting.  It was forged from SB 218, which Sebelius vetoed as she left to head HHS.)

This issue is not going away, even with Tiller’s infamous clinic closed since June, because his ex-staff doctors still possess Kansas medical licenses while doing late abortions in Nebraska and New Mexico.  It is imperative to close the reporting fraud that keeps Kansas open to resume late-term abortions.

It’s amazing how uninformed and cold-hearted legislators still are on this issue, despite three years of hearings revealing the dangers of these 3-4 day procedures. Doctors explained how the  “mental health” excuse is invalid as a reason to do a post-viability abortion.

Perhaps as distressing, is the attitude and blatant errors (more…)

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Pregnancy info screwed again

In July,  the Kansas Woman’s Right to Know and See Act went into effect, designed to expand access to sonograms and to provide accurate online information about the protective health effects of delivery over abortion.

Under cover of that mandate, however, the Kansas Health Department (KDHE) took a bold and improper step that no doubt led to a Planned Parenthood champagne toast. 

KDHE removed a warning (albeit a weak one) about the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link that had been part of Kansas’ informed consent materials for 12 years.  The ABC link is

Instead of true information about the ABC link, the KDHE (more…)

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Yesterday’s respected Quinnipac poll shows 72% of Americans don’t want abortion funded in health care– but that will happen in the Senate health care bill President Obama supports.

Politico reports today that White House officials are conceding the abortion divide could keep any health care bill from moving forward until after Obama’s State of the Union address in late January.

Any delay in achieving health reform is unwelcome by Obama, whose popularity continues to plummet.  Today’s Rassmussen poll shows 55% of likely voters now disapprove of his performance, 44% strongly so.

Kansas U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback says, in an opinion piece yesterday, that

the abortion funding divide is now the central debate in reconciling the differences between (more…)

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This past week, two different health-advising groups recommended fewer annual screenings for breast and cervical cancer but no one took advantage of the public’s focus to alert women that abortion and oral contraceptives raise women’s risk for both cancers.

The 180-degree  attitudinal reversals about screening from HHS and ACOG were (more…)

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